Small Thunderbolt Rant

I have a Thunderbolt hub thingy set up at work to use an external monitor and usb keyboard. The routine of getting it to work is sometimes mildly infuriating. Step one, plug in thunderbolt dock cable - result is usb keyboard works, but external monitor doesn’t. Unplug dock. Plug back in - external monitor works but usb keyboard now doesn’t work. Unplug dock. Plug back in for third time - external monitor and usb keyboard both functioning!

Anyway, don’t think this is the V’s fault. I’m assuming it’s the cheapish dock I got. Mostly posting to be funny, but if anyone happens to have a solution that would be nice.


It’s not only the dock, usb-c sucks to be honest. A same port doing everything is nice on the paper, but so far it’s very capricious and badly implemented everywhere (and with any OS to be precise).

can you elaborate on that ?

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I’m not sure own how I can elaborate more. USB-c include a shitload of protocols that were differentiated before. It can charge, handle files transfer at different speed, use video feeds and sound feeds, etc, all of that managed very differently by every devices, parts, OS, pilots. Compatibility is also a big issue.
So yes, USB-c isn’t magical.

Here are some glimpse:

What have we learnt out of this?

Don’t buy 2€ cables from aliexpress, always use your original charger and cable for your devices and if you use other ones expect slower charging.
It’s only logical that a micro usb to usb-c cable isn’t delivering full speed data transfer cause one end is a bottleneck per se.

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