Smach Z gaming handheld PC

Peoples check this out in Kickstarter before was Steamboy and now Smach Z.
Thats was what i am talking about,to make something like this,but bigger screen the EVE V and a modular system detachable like ring with two handheld game controllers and kinetic fan( own battery and sensor).

Yes, the Smach Z is a very interesting concept, I agree :slight_smile: Checked them out quite a while back when they didn’t even have a kickstarter.

But I think something like the PF would benefit more from a “normal” XBox controller that you can connect via bluetooth and control your games that way - since with ~12" it’d be too big & heavy to use like a handheld for a extended period of time.

Hey hey @rafael_duarte!

Make sure to develop your concept further. It sounds like a cool idea. As I told in other thread next product we do will be also decided by community!

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Yes Xbox controller because is standar, but wired USB and Bluetooth. I prefer between 8 to 10 inches 2 and 1 like PF for Windows UI and everything detachable means modular

Did you check about the clickARM technology, cool idea didn’t know.yes in the next one, but I think it is possible in this one think about it

Sounds like Nintendo Switch is the device of your dreams… Except it’s not Windows

That was before and already have post where we are talking about it, don’t like Nintendo never owned.this in for Windows tablet or 2 in 1 devices I will explain later the details to konstastinos

Can you instead explain it to everyone here? We’re curious too :slight_smile: and in the end, community decides the next product, so convincing community members is much better than convincing Konstantinos :slight_smile: