Slow WiFi on Macbook Pro whilst Connected to Spectrum using TB3

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I’ve noticed that I get slow internet speeds when connected to the Spectrum via Thunderbolt 3 (TB3) on my MacBook Pro (MBP). I don’t think Spectrum is causing this but just needed to know if anyone is running into this issue.


01/09/2022 - Macbook Pro Only
01/05/2022 - Macbook Pro Connected to Spectrum
01/02/2022 - Macbook Pro Connected to Spectrum whilst on YT

There are a few things I need to test out.

  1. Use the MBP whilst connected to the Spectrum with the case opened. (I have my MBP closed)
  2. Connect MBP via HDMI & test internet speeds.
  3. Connect MBP to alternative Thunderbolt Display & test internet speeds.

If there’s anything else you guys would like me to test out, please let me know.

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Interesting Results…I found the solution during Test 1.

This resulted in good internet speeds, I then closed my MBP and tested it again. The results were similar with my MBP being opened. (This left me thinking that 105 must have fixed this issue unintentionally - The whole “fixing bugs, creates more bugs” idea).

I then put my MBP back onto its stand (as shown below) and tested it one last time for peace of mind, to my surprise it went back to slow internet speeds.


What I found out was the port I used to test it initially, was a different port that I used when I had my MBP on the stand. In conclusion, the right-hand side ports of the MBP is more efficient than the left.