Slow when starting up

Has anyone had issues where the monitors were slow to startup after the computer falls asleep or changing inputs? It seems very slow at times for me.

Start up and waking from sleep has always been slow for me with the Spectrum. When I used my LG 4K and a generic 7” screen, they both came on before the mobo splash screen. Since replacing the LG with the Eve, the mini screen still comes on straight away, but no image is displayed on the Spectrum until the Windows login prompt.
And last night, the Spectrum refused to display my Series X until I had unplugged and restarted both.

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this is what I get as well. sometimes when my computer is asleep and I move my mouse to use it again the monitors detect no signal and I have to fully restart my computer.

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It might be due to old tech and the drivers for it, as in this thread.
I have an MSI Z97i Gaming AC mobo, with a Core i5 4670K in my machine. They’re about six or seven years old. I suspect that the old BIOS just isn’t optimal for 4K/144 monitors, which weren’t really a thing back in 2015.
Do you have an old PC, mfavs327?
My Xbox Series X boots up much more quickly than my PC, especially now that I’ve updated the software to 105.

Hi @mfavs327,

This is a known issue and our Firmware Team have been looking at solutions to increase the time of changing inputs and waking up from sleep.

This will be added to one of our upcoming firmware updates.

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Thanks for the input. How would I get notified of firmware updates? Just keep checking?

No my PC is almost new. Built a new one in March with Ryzen 9 5900x, ASRock x570 mb, and 3080ti