Skins or Stickers

Any chance of Eve releasing the V’s dimensions so that we may print out our own designs/send them to the skin makers?

Yes, this topic surfaced in some other threads, and there were concerns about thermal management, but I have found no answer, and no evidence that the skin will impede thermals.

I’d really like to print out my own design (No, I’m not an artist, fair use is wonderful).


I think the dimensions can be found with the search function.

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We’ll need the really detailed ones, like how many mm away from the edge the camera is, port placement, size, etc. And due to eve having a curve/taper from back to front, anyone making the skin will need to account for that. Hence me asking here, I suspect these numbers are only with Eve in the CAD sketches.


Ahh I see, didn’t think of it that way… :sweat_smile:

There are at the moment no plans to release CAD files or the like. We are, however, in talks with third-party accessory makers including those of high-quality vinyl skins to bring more customization options to market. That’s about all we can say about it now – still in talks and all. As we are excited to bring you guys as many options as we can, so as soon as we have something to announce you all will be the first to know!


very well. I look forward to seeing a healthy accessories market.

Me too! I’ve been wanting to create a more unified look for my mobile devices, but my MacBook is too old and my phone is too… too Windows… to be supported by companies like dbrand. So I’m still pairing silver aluminium with black polycarbonate…

once I get mine I’ll probably just measure it myself and get someone to print a vinyl sticker or something for me. If it all goes well would you guys mind if I share my measurements? I understand part of not releasing the numbers have something to do with IP and design copyright and stuff.

Be our guest!

Have a look at [u][/u]. It contains some careful measurements of the prototype, and it shows an extreme example of how much we don’t mind you sharing your findings about the V :slight_smile:


It looks like market leader dbrand is thinking about offering custom vinyl skins for the V. If you guys think that’s a good idea, be sure to let them know through their contact form. Remember to select the category ‘Skin Request for a new device’.

Whether you want to protect your V from scratches or just want to personalise your device… If there’s enough demand, you just might get the chance with a precision-cut vinyl skin from!


Homemade skin for my V20171218_192533


not bad, mind sharing the dimensions and your DIY process?

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