Single workflow using two computers

Quick question: I connected two devices thru Miracast. Works fine. Is there any way to have a flow thru 2 devices (laptop + V) and a monitor with power of those two devices? If I use Photoshop on one of them it takes power from this laptop, if I drag it to V it takes V power to generate things. So I can have two powersucking programs on two different devices with one mouse, one keyboard and one flow thru all screens?

If I understand your use case correctly, then the problem you have left is controlling both devices with one mouse and keyboard? In that case you could have a look at a tool like Synergy, which allows just that kind of thing.

It also has support for dragging files between different systems and sharing a copy&paste clipboard, though how smoothly that’ll allow you to drag files around will depend on your network connection. Also, all software will still have to be installed natively, so if you want to use Photoshop on both ends you’ll need to install it and set it up on each.

Not sure if that’ll suit your needs, but it’s worth a shot…


Yes I’ve found this kind of solution. BUT, I have V connected to monitor and I would like to connect this synergy thing with laptop. I tried Barrier (open source) and it works great without monitor, only V + laptop. With monitor it is connected but it doesn’t work. What should I do in this kind of scenario?

I’ve used Microsoft’s garage project, mouse without borders, which sounds like does the same thing as synergy. It does work if you have an external monitor connected to one of the machines. I’m not sure whether it meets exactly your needs.


Yes baby, that works GREAT. Thank you!!!

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I use synergy on a daily basis with my desktop and macbook next to each other. Pretty sure it works fine with multiple monitors unless you have the V sandwiched between 1 other computer. It supports multiple OS so that’s why I haven’t switched.

And don’t use synergy 2. Synergy 1 is way better, though a bit less designed.

I’ve also used Logitech Flow but i’m not really convinced with that since it’s rather slow in switching, especially if one is connected via bluetooth and one via the usb receiver. (it disconnected and connects to the other computer). Maybe that’s better now but you’ll need supported hardware for it (also don’t have a keyboard that has flow).

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