Singaporeans Unite!

Now that all the Vs are shipping. Shall we Singaporeans have a meet or something to compare Vs??? Like which dbrand skin is better or whose wallpaper is better or something. Basically do a meet-up because we Singaporeans are always left out from all the awesome Eve V meets. Or simply another excuse to get some beer :joy:

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Sure, whatcha got in mind?

um no.



Maybe something in the lines of Meat & Beer or for those Vegetarian, Veggies & Beer.

Why not? I sure as hell wanna compare my awesome (read terrible) dbrand skin application skills!

Warning: Don’t not use the option bluport locker feature in DHL as the locker sms unlock code are only generated from Mon to Fri 9am-6pm if u need the code to unlock the locker. For my case my V is going to be stuck in the locker till Mon. Still thought I could be in better control for pickup but end up in this way!

reporting in! 4th Dec flash sales buyer here. lurking around in the forum for quite some time already.

Noted! Lucky I am sending it to my office where my boss will pick it up for me. Probably will be breathing down my neck on why she will need to pick up my mail but…

I still don’t believe there isn’t any 24/7 hotline that I could call other then this no 68173620 so I went to the locker to search for my ans. Persistent paid off, the only way to contact bluport is by email :wink:. FYI


Magic word: Open sesame


There is my V!



Semtex or C4 would work probably faster … :smirk:

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That would also destroy my long waited V too! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

No, if you know how to use it … I was sapper in army.

I am so jealous of you right now. Mine is still in HK chilling

You will get yours soon :wink:

Finally reunion time for them!


Congrats! Hoping mine will come on Monday as indicated by DHL.

Thanks! Finally using my V 1st time to login in to this forum :heart_eyes:


DHL says my is coming on monday too but i will be spending the next whole week running stuff outside. Damn. Think I need a midnight trip back to the office

Any chance of a Sunday delivery I wonder? DHL site saying V just landed in Singapore. I have received deliveries from DHL on Sunday before so I’m hoping. Worse case scenario (I hope!) is I’ll get it tomorrow.

Doubt it. Usually they take about a day for processing in Singapore. You could call DHL and see if you can collect them yourself though

DHL just rang, will be here in 30mins! Wow, so quick once in DHL’s hand! Obviously it was 4px that was the hold up. Looking forward to seeing what I have been waiting all this time for!


It is coming! :smile:

Just received a notification of my shipment. On hold? What!? :thinking: