Simple workaround script for V keyboard not going to sleep


This is an autohotkey script which should act as a simple workaround for the V keyboard <-> sleep (or lack thereof) problem.
What is does is simply: when you close the lid (V keyboard in this case) it will automatically lock windows.

One may also chose in power options to hibernate the V on lid close, but i have a different usage style:

  • if i want hibernate: i will just press the power button (easy enough)
  • when i want my v to run, but i want to move from room to room (1-2 minute of afk), then i just close the lid and this little script locks the screen so nothing is pressed
    • it is very easy to unlock the V, since we (i hope) all have the fingerprint set up.

Do you have any comments or suggestions? My idea is a simple one, as it tries to fix a rather simple usability problem.

I know this is the wrong github repository, but i cannot make a new one, so i hope someone will help me with that.

Heck, maybe even this category is the wrong one :laughing:


Seems a good idea, even if I hope they will fix some day this thing. I will try it on the V…once it arrives.

Thanks! I’ll try this.

Sadly my fingerprint reader isn’t working at the moment and I haven’t had time yet to go the proper problem determination procedures for support.

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good work! i also push the power button for hibernating the V, so your idea of locking the screen when closed could be a nice thing for me :slight_smile:

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Heh, it seems that this (lock) reminded me of the ghost touches problem:

when the keyboard is closed but V is not off, hibernate, or sleeping – just the screen is off, after a while of just pressing the back of the keyboard(imagine walking with the v in my hand – like a closed notebook (so the keys touch the V screen), permanent ghost touches appear on the screen.

It seems that the digitizer/touch panel/whatever that is called doesn’t turn off :(.

OS windows 10 home, april update.

I got same issue and its quite annoying.
where can i save the script or how can i use it?


  1. Download autohotkey from AutoHotkey Downloads and install
  2. Download my script and read the first 12 lines where it is explained what to do to “configure the script”. You MUST do that else it won’t work
  3. Associate the extension .ahk with Autohotkey so that when you doubleclick the file it is automatically run, not opened in notepad for editing
  4. Move the script (after u modify the hostname from step 2) to your startup folder (an example here: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) | AutoHotkey) so that when computer restarts, the autohotkey script is always run