Silicon balls in audio port

Is this OK that I can’t insert headphones into audio port. It only goes half the way in there.

I’ve been using V for nearly a year and this was my first time I tried a wired headphones (when I ran off of wireless ones) and I couldn’t get it in. I’m asking it here because support stopped responding on my messages.

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maybe there’s something stuck inside… some dirt or whatever? maybe you can take a look inside with an ottoscope…
I’m getting used to help myself with the V last months… :wink:

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Oh no! There is that flippin ball of silica from packaging that somehow got into my bag. Well RIP audio port, I didn’t even used you.


No way to get it out like usinh a needle kind of thing with a (very short) bent end?
Or use a very narrow pin with a tiny amount of superglue in order to glue the silical ball to it ? Warning this is risky if the superglue in one or other way sticks to the inside wall of the audio port . . . . .:scream:


First world struggles

Thanks. Problem solved.

No way I’m sticking anything with glue on it inside there. :joy:

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this is the way I like it… here…

Well whatever. I’m getting a replacement this week or the next. Finally kb is completely screwed up to unusable state and support said they will send me a replacement even for V. Feels like I’m living from replacement to a replacement.

Let us know ASAP when you get a new device.