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Firs of all, I’m not IT educated, so this is only fictional concept idea, BUT… Been wondering is it possible to have a fingerprint reader built into the stylus. WHY? so you can sign basic checklists and things like this straight onto the screen, without a need to print them out, sign, scan and save to archive again in digital form. Light security requirements. Potential market: ships, planes, factories…Places with lots of checklists. The stylus would create a hand drawn signature with some neat trick, so it its protected against copy/paste. It would be not a login device for bank operations or something with high security (why not if it meats the security requirements). It should work (do the signature thing + normal stylus things) on any touchscreen. It would be called “SignatureStylus” and be a separate product.
Working on ship, and I see how administrations and companies want to save paper and do things digitally and so on, nice. But…
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Hannes Toomsalu


Nice idea! But I don’t know, if Eve can pull that off since they’re just buying their stylus from another company. But I don’t see why it shouldn’t be possible, if you have a Bluetooth connection with the device you want to log in. And when you have that feature: I always wanted a pen with one side having a small touch-sensitive area (maybe two buttons connected like volume buttons on some phones) that you can use for scrolling/zooming etc.

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Good idea guys. As far as I know, Adobe provides comprehensive solutions for signature. This should also work with our pen.