Should topics close automatically after a set time?

We want to hear your thoughts on this.

Should we set topics to close automatically after a set time?

  • Yes, in all categories
  • Yes, in some categories (please comment which one(s))
  • No, topics should only be closed manually
  • No, topics should never be closed*

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*We won’t do this, but I included it as an option either way.

Please share your thoughts as well.


I’d prefer the update (by the team) topics to be closed automatically, if there haven’t been any posts in them for a certain time. There is no need to bump them later imo


I think there should be exceptions for some threads. Maybe the community category? I mean it’s ok to close most threads, but ongoing ones should be left open even if they’re inactive for a while. For example, the one with wallpapers :wink: “an amazing Eve phone” is also a good example, even though it’s old and cluttered, people just keep going back to that idea and replying to the thread. I think that’s better than constantly closing the thread and re-opening it again. That said, there are only a handful of such threads and making an exception for the whole category(s) would be overkill.


I agree with @SyrtakiVampir that the update threads should be closed automatically.
In addition I feel that any specification threads (for future products) might better be closed as soon as the specification in question is locked down, though I doubt that will happen unless done manually… :wink:


Despite voting for “all categories” I am well aware that it is difficult to judge. Things such as the USB-C discussion which are rather generic should remain open because new developments can simply be fed in there. But for sure everything related to updates should get closed as there are new(we) threads quite frequently.
I am torn on switching to “by category”, but it would be an easy way to have a brief category-related statement to explain Auto-Copy g when new threads would be created in that are, so that’s a plus.

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I agree on this one, however I think most threads don’t need to be open forever. No new user is gonna read that much text, esp. if it contains outdated information. If new information is available one should make a new thread, so it doesn’t get mixed up with older stuff.

The example given by @pauliunas is an exception as the wallpapers will always be usefull and new ones should be added.


I think that threads should be archived (if that’s what we are debating) after a while, unless they get marked by the team as specifically long, still relevant threads, like the V vs the Community thread or such.

I think archiving is not yet debated, but locking threads that did not have a post within a certain amount of time.
“Certain” will still be specified I suppose depending on the poll results. Closed threads can still be found, read, referred to as I understand it.


To clear whatever doubts there may be, here are the differences between archiving, unlisting and closing threads in discourse :wink:


I vote for “no, close them manually” because I looked at the list of categories and I do not see a way to say automaticaly in that category yes and in that no. Maybe the thread creator can decide about the automatic closing?


What if only senior creators and staff could choose to make their threads remain open forever? Others could ask staff to do that for them, just to prevent abuse (sometimes people click buttons without thinking too much about the consequences)


I voted for all categories because I think that after a long enough time without new contributions (e.g. 6 moths, just to exemplify), even topics in the most relevant categories could be safely closed.
However, I recognize that it could be tricky to set a specific time that suit every topic in every category…
Sometimes number of replies is more relevant than Category itself (e.g. a topic with <5 replies can be probably be automatically closed after 4-6 weeks without anyone even noticing, whereas a topic with 100+ replies should probably stay open for a bit longer.)

Would it be feasible to have different “topic lifespans” based on the categories and/or number of replies?
If it is not, and going full manual is too much of hassle and time-consuming, I would set a reasonable long time and live in peace.

Finally, pretty obvious, I would leave a “manual backdoor” for Community Managers (1.0, 2.0, and 3.1 USB-C :laughing: ) to leave open or close specific topics, in spite of any set automatic rule.


The announcements category should be one that is auto-closed after a given period of time, since news do get outdated. Others might have the same nature.

Posts about problems that have a solution too should be closed after a while when there is lack of activity.

Of course if it is enabled, on the Forum wellcome message it should be pointed.

EDIT: Added some stuff…


If there is already another Thread with the same content, so the older one should be closed manually. Otherwise it all gets to intransparent. In doubt a topic should never be closed, even there was nobody writing for a long time.

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I voted for some because it makes sense, that Update threads or similar are closed after while.
For help threads or something like that they should stay open or be closed when they are solved…

I’d vote for auto-close and manual reopen on-demand.


  1. Reduces mod’s work to manual close
  2. Prevents “thread-necro”, especially those which contain outdated information
  3. Discourse’s quoting system is actually pretty good, opening a new thread with detailed quotes is viable.

Why not have the system emit a warning that some time has passed since the last post was posted on the thread/the thread was created?

It would alert mods/admins and give two options: close and defer (this would then ask when you wish to have that warning again).

With this you wouldn’t need to be actively searching for threads to close, only click a button and voilá!


It all depends on the number of threads as well. If they’re a lot, it’s still a nuisance to click on buttons to close them. In other words, it would depend on how the functionality is implemented of at all possible.

In the meantime, @kazenorin seems simple and straightforward. I don’t think it’s likely that many threads would need to be reopened.

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@Helios @nawthor
Is it wanted that closed posts are being shown in the “Latest” list? I have around 30 topics that have been closed (by Rob) in the last few minutes/hours that are showing in the latest list… Can this be prevented (if considered not useful)?

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That would be useful indeed, maybe @iKirin also had some insight.

In the meantime you scroll down to the bottom and hit the button dismiss, which will remove all of them at once

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