Should I return my Transformer 3 Pro for a V?

So this black friday I got a pretty sweet deal on a T3Pro - i5 with 8Gb of ram and 256Gb SSD for 700 euros! Same device from eve would cost 1199 which is 500 euros more!

Here’s what I like:

  • Price. This thing is a steal at 700 eur
  • Appearance. It looks drop-dead gorgeous
  • The display is bright and colorful, and is high-res enough for me
  • Windows hello is fast and accurate even in low light
  • Pen has very little lag. It’s detectable but compared to the ipad it’s almost as if it didn’t exist.
  • HDMI Port
  • Thunderbolt
  • Pen works everywhere, even in old apps that have problems with surface pro

What I do not like

  • Storage space is a bit too low for me
  • No magnetic clipping of the pen
  • Most cases for it have their own kickstand instead of using the device one. They also look ugly.
  • Fan noise is loud. I don’t have the problem with whining that other people report, but it still sounds a bit annoying, especially since it likes to randomly turn the fan on for 2 seconds and then stop, wait 5 seconds, turn it on again… other times it works constantly or not at all.
  • Couldn’t get lazy nezumi to work with anything other than photoshop
  • Windows 10 is a joke operating system that looks as if it were made by fisher-price (although eve suffers from the same problem)

What I do not care about

  • “low” battery. I plan to leave it plugged in most of the time and only use it for presentations, which hopefully won’t take more than 4 hours
  • slow SSD: Whatever.

So, that said, I still have some 10 days to return it if I want. But should I? If you had it, would you trade it for an eve?
I am having second thoughts after the notebookcheck review that stated the eve v m3 model had basically the same performance (or better) than the i5 and i7 models. It also gave both the V and the T3Pro an 86% grade

What would you do?


I would recommend you to first consider your urgency with the device :slight_smile:

If you need the device within this year for whatever purpose, you might want to stick with the Transformer 3 pro. Especially because it is indeed a good deal on your side.

afaik EVE V i5 with more Storage will cost more than ~1200€

maybe you shouldn’t spend more money for an OS you don’t like.

The only Advantages the V would offer to especially you would be:

  • no fan - no noise
  • magnetic Clip

I personally would not recommend buying the V in your case, not for nearly double price. You seem to be quite happy with your current device. There will always be something which seems to be a Little better somewhere. That doesn’t makes your device worse :wink:
Also, it is possible that you would have to wait some weeks/months until you get your V.