Shopping Cart Lists for V


As we all know shopping season is coming:
11.11 Aliexpress
24.11 Black Friday

So, what are your shopping-cart list items for the V ?



Since I discovered V just recently I am awaiting the web shop opening, in which case I am instantly buying the V (which option is highly dependant on pricing - most likely M5/16GB/512SSD if budget allows since I like both RAM and persistable storage to be in high quantity - I could downgrade in RAM to 8 and in SSD to 256 but that would probably mean compromises down the road, which I hate).

That V is going to be with the awesome Alacantra (or however you call it) keyboard, assuming that accessory will still be available on the web shop opening.

On the other hand considering the shipping is done within EU and for 120$ the inside-EU taxes and duties are covered, I might shell out the $$$ for the highest option with M7/16/1024, however the idea of 1TB of memory sounds like a spectacular overkill for my usage.

Gonna try to snag a deal on a chromecast and an external SSD.
Also plan on buying a pair of “darn tough socks”. They are expensive but the best socks I’ve ever had. Also have a guaranteed lifetime warranty, and are super temperature dynamic. You can wear em for 3 days and they still don’t smell or feel dirty.
Gonna see if there are any good TVs, laptops for my parents, or any other tech.

I would be interested in knowing if the highest configuration would go over 2k :sweat_smile: because the only alternative in this is surface and this would be in this average of price :frowning_face: taking ssd everytime I travel with my tablet-laptop would be exhausting

Gross!! Maybe they don’t smell or feel dirty, but they will be bacteria ridden!!


But no one else knows that :wink:

(I’m a deceptive slob)

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Every sock, or any other piece of clothing you wear directly on your skin, will be bacteria ridden within the first hour. Bacteria isn’t bad. You would face a certain death without them!


Wow, so much attention to socks. Guys, are you sure you’re not overthinking it? Just go to walmrt and buy the second cheapest socks.


What price would you consider spectacular (realistic)?


Yeah, but three days of festering can’t be good!

After playing doom 3 and wolfenstein 2 on my V with ultra settings. I am buying an Egpu!


@Konstantinos, please tell us: What GPU is inside that eGPU? I have been toying with the eGPU idea for a while now :thinking::thinking::thinking:


I’d like to second this question, and it would be great to get a summary of any other testing with eGPUs carried out by the wider team.

Would also be interested to hear what external SSDs/harddrives, micro SDs etc people are looking at just now (not dismissing the importance of a good pair of socks and suggestions on that matter of course!).

Don’t buy one.
Build one.


I’ll probably wait with all the shopping until I have used my V for some days/weeks.
Then I can clearly say what I would like to have/need and not just what I think I’ll need (as it is now) :joy:


@Konstantinos, just to clarify: I am only interested in the GPU inside the box, not the eGPU box itself.

I am not going to buy a ready made eGPU, but build one.

My current thinking is that there are two options for (building) an eGPU:

  1. eGPU with a GPU with no additional power connectors i.e. power only through the PCIe slot - around 75W.
  • GPUs like nVidia GTX 1050ti or AMD Radeon RX560 (there are RX560s without additional power connector) or lower
  • external power brick is sufficient
  • relatively inexpensive solution
  • small enclosure like AKiTiO Node Lite
  1. or an eGPU with a GPU above the GPUs mentioned in point 1
  • GPUs like nVidia GTX 1060 or AMD RX570 and better
  • need in most cases larger enclosure with an internal/ATX/SFX power supply
  • can get quite expensive
  • larger enclosure like AKiTiO Node with a 400W power supply

[spoiler]Just a side note: AKiTiO is about to launch AKiTiO Node Pro, which has USB power delivery up to 60W (20V/3A).[/spoiler]


I consider myself realistic. In my book prices can be either “realistic” or “spectacular”, not both at the same time. Question was not for me, but here’s my answer.

  • IGG prices were the definition of spectacular. I was surprised, very pleasantly.
  • I feel $100-200 over those (depending on the model) would be realistic-optimistic.
  • Around $200-$400 (again variable with each the V model) would be realistic-realistic, with a sigh. (sigh could be greatly reduced by increasing default SSD size for each model 1-tier up).
  • More than $300-$500 over would be disappointing. You have spoiled us too much at this point, and 1 year has passed - not complaining, but 1 year is 1 year…

Pray Sir, which model will it be?
Much needed when kids put their claim on V and content.

That really depends on what do we consider top configuration here.

I am assuming all out with M7/16GB/1TB.

I know it can be tough for you to keep the thing noticeably under 2k considering Sharp screen cost bump and the sheer cost bump because of 512GB->1TB. Additionally I would expect pricing for the previous batches to be made specifically with almost no margins that allow you to actually earn something. And most likely even without the changes there would be a minor but noticeable bump in price to get some better margins.

I do however keep my fingers crossed you can offer something really nice price wise so it will become popular and bring you more $$$. Myself the harddrive is overkill and I can live with M5 (diminishing returns and all that, I am not even sure M5 is actually worth it but M3 configuration falls short on other things), so I would rather pick a cheaper option that luckily also is supposed to be available :slight_smile:

On the other hand if you somehow against all reason magically managed to get it noticeably under the magic 2k threshold, I would definitely consider it. But in all honesty allow me to buy a V that has at least 8GB of RAM (they all do) and at least 256GB SSD (all except one) and I am already very happy.

Normally I would be absolutly on your side. The high configurations are very high. But my only reasons for this is my job as technical drawer… The Programm needs very much :confused:… i5-i7, over 2 better 4 Ghz, min 4 better min 8 RAM if I would like to do bigger projekts, my actual saving room with 250GB was full very quickly so because of I cant put bigger one in without taking a big extern saving room with me I want to have 1TB direktly so it will take a while untill I have to put something out. The big intern saving room I want to have, is because the device would be my central computer with some Programms which need sadly much saving room internal. If there would be any chance to make them run even from external saving it would be fantastic, but I’ve actually ask some computer specialists and testing things from the internet.

I absolutly understand, that this configuration will have it’s price! But my ask would be if I have to save money in an area up to 2k or will it raise higher?
the surface book 2 that is now new out with a sort of similar options and 3.4k €…