Shipping updates? {V2021}

about the poll:
I guess 7 replies shows that those who have their V do not look at the forum anymore…

But if there are just 4 people waiting for their V … could be worse.

Hi @Aethel,
so what’s the news from the team ? Please tell us!
It’s been another week of silence on our V2021 shippments.

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There are far more then 4. I’m waiting too.

I too am waiting for EVE V 2021 deliveries

Maybe we start a pool againg to get a current status:

  • I have my V! (:
  • Still waiting for my V… :cry:
  • Canceled and got my refund.
  • Canceled and still waiting for the refund.

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Just saw this post.

I still haven’t received mine.

Can I get help with my order?

Hi there,

Surely, please DM us your order number, then we can have it checked for you!

I still maintain after seeing this 2nd poll: those who have their Vs and Ws and Xs left the forum and live happily ever after :blush: :grin: :crazy_face: :money_mouth_face: :upside_down_face: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

[ps: I am one of those exceptions to the rule :sunglasses:]


19 days ago… I’m in with nearly 2.000,00€. Still waiting for my device while the tech of this device is getiing older and older and a worldwide support with a cracked screen for example is still missing. So if the device gets cracked a day after shipping I can throw it to the waste bin. If I wouldn’t know that if i go for a refund, I will never see my money nor a device, I would have cancelled my order. I was patient with the old V as a HEB and even purchased a second V for my wife. Now my spectrum preorder of 200€ is cancelled and I haven’t seen this money for months. And my strong believe in this brand is broken…The only one remaining I trust is @Helios We sat together at a table in a german restaurant for having a first touch to the first V… Tell me what should I do…?

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Hey @dibadibadu

Yes, I do apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused or is causing. I currently do not have an update at the moment, when I know more myself or another team member will make sure to inform everyone! Though, if you would like to send me your order ID, I will provide that to the team to see about providing you further information. Also, if you would send me your order ID for your spectrum preorder I will provide that as well to support to look into resolving for you!

thanks for your reply. If sending my order ID to you could change anything than getting a standard answer from support, I would have done it earlier. 5 years ago we got answers like: “The manufacturer is also waiting for parts due to a broken finger of the truck driver”. This makes us feel part of the solution/problem and we had the chance to be patient. The actual standard answers are just disappointing and enerving.


did you recieve any non saying nothing answer from support?


Aftership sent me a DHL Express shipping notice with a tracking number. The notice doesn’t mention who the shipper is and the tracking number is a dud, when you enter it at the DHL Express website it says the number is invalid and to recheck it. The V is the only thing which I am waiting to be shipped. Aethel at Dough is supposed to be researching the status of my V so I am waiting to hear back from him. I live in the U.S. so I wouldn’t think there should be any shipping hassles, but who knows.

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Responded to your message! Can you provide the tracking number they gave you in the DM?

when I got my V it was shipped with “Next Smart Ship”. Try to put the number in their Website if that works.

Thanks, but didn’t work. Aethel is still looking into it.

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Still no word on my shipment.

Can I get a response at least?

Hey @Kirk_Chen

I do apologize for the lack of communication regarding the shipping of this device, currently I am just waiting on new information from the previous update to inform you all. Me or another team member will let you all know more under this topic when there is new information and/or a newsletter will be provided to you via email.