Shipping updates? {V2021}

There seem to be contradictory information out there.
One of the forum team members told me that all customers should have received the email with shipping address confirmation.
Another forum member just wrote that a team member told him that not everybody got that email yet.

What is it?

And do we know what % of the preorders has been shipped?

Thanks also in the name of others waiting…


Hey @adt

For the V 2021 not all users have received the address confirmation email. Most customers have had their orders shipped and others should be expecting the email to confirm their address soon :slight_smile:

thanks… I guess that it isn’t paid first shipped first… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :pensive:
What means “soon”? (one week; one month; some time this year maybe…)?

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No, we do try to go in paid first shipped first as much as possible, regional differences sometimes changes the speed in which a product can be shipped. I do not personally know the exact time frame just that team is working on sending the rest out :slight_smile:

Hi @adt,
I assume you are writing here because you are also waiting for the address confirmation email?
It’s the same with me.

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I just got the message from UPS that I have to pay import fees. Can I just sent the receipt to the support and then I get the money back from Eve?
(I know it was discussed somewere but I dont remember the outcome)

You should send the receipt to support along with the notice that UPS sent you and your EVE V order number. Once we have all of that information, the support will be able to take further steps in order to settle this issue.


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Thank you for your quick answer

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regional: I’m in the USA… I only got the email (as answer from support) that “your order will be shipped to…{my address}” maybe I do not get the confirmation mail anymore then? Just wondering…
Is it b/c I did not order a keyboard maybe :rofl: that I’m one of the last ones…

So yeah you’re still not the last one waitin. My mail from a week ago didn’t got a reply yet. Neither have I seen such thing as adress confirmation mail.
Last thing I heard from support on 2 of June was:

“we are currently waiting for clarification regarding the shipping status for orders such as your own.
We please ask for your patience in the mean time, and we should have more information in the coming days.” :roll_eyes:

Seems like another month of waitin :upside_down_face:

I apologize for the wait on receiving your order! @adt @Wohali not all address confirmation emails have been sent so I would just keep a look out for the email in the coming days.

Still no confirmation email. What about you?

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none here either…

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For anyone in France:

Surface Pro 8 i5/256GB/8GB incl pen and French keyboard €999 incl. VAT & shipping (SSD upgradable). Delivered to your door tomorrow.

Eve V i5/512GB/16GB incl. pen and US keyboard €1529 + €150 shipping. Delivered to your door next week/month/year ?

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Is it possible to get some kind of update? this device is going to be useless at this rate.
Please can I get details of the shipping.

Hey @Jay-Cam

If could send me your order details in a message I will get this looked into for you!

What about a little pool?!

  • I have my V! (:
  • Still waiting for my V… :cry:
  • Canceled and got my refund.
  • Canceled and still waiting for the refund.

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one month later - still waitin
CS says nothin at all.
How much days are there still coming?

Hey V Community,
can we please discuss what is really wrong with the shipping and stock allocation process for the V2?

Obviously shipping address confirmation does not mean that the orders get handed over to a courier any time soon…

**Gino - Eve Customer Support Agent** (Eve Distribution Limited)

Jun 23, 2022, 07:14 GMT+3

Hi Rainer,

We have some really exciting news for you today! The shipping of your order is due to commence!

The reasoning behind this email today is to not only deliver the great news, but also to ask if you could confirm that your delivery address is still the one that is associated with your order? The reason we are asking you to confirm is to ensure there are no mistakes when your order is handed over to a courier for delivery!

… 5 weeks later i am still in the suspense loop waiting for tracking information…

Gino - Dough Support Agent (Dough GmbH) 
Jul 29, 2022, 11:19 GMT+3 
Hi Rainer,
Thank you for contacting our support team.
Sorry for the inconvenience and delay. The last update you have received is the latest information we can provide you with.
We would like nothing more than to provide you with your tracking number and deliver you your device as soon as we can. Rest assured though, we are all working really hard to get things moving asap. Once we have a tracking number for you, you will have more insight as to when exactly your order will arrive on your doorstep.

So what is the real problem with our V2 orders ?
The last time anyone in the community got a V2 delivered is several weeks ago and I see no joy casts about open orders.

@ReignDespair, @sr20, @Aethel,
would you please step up and provide some actual information rather the flowery phrases.
The last time you did that was two month ago when you started shipping

Hey @Omarflux

Yes, I apologize for the delay in shipment for some V 2021 orders! I will get with the team about this and when I know more about the situation will update you accordingly!

Also, thank you for reaching out regarding this issue as well as I do apologize for you having to reach out and not us reaching out to provide an update!

Will get back to you when I have more information!

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