Shipping Update

Same here, paid in full for a glossy 4k monitor a year ago in March 22 and still waiting :frowning:


Please, please consider making a post giving us ANYTHING on what’s going on with our orders. Last time we spoke and you assured me they wee going through QA and only a month or so away, was like last October or so. It’s been more than a year of waiting for this monitor and it’s such a slap in the face. A this point, an entire bull/bear market cycle is going to complete before I get this monitor.


Well when March ends if I don’t hear something, tracking number, email or something then honestly, I don’t think we are getting them. That’s my deadline before doing the inevitable 20 day wait and filing with the bank. It is past the 1 year mark, full of nothing but empty promises from a company I wanted to succeed and do well.


I accessed today and
I was unable to log in.
I tried to reissue a password, but it said my email address was not registered.
What on earth is going on?

If you are having issues logging in please use the following subdomains, - EU store - NA store

Until the domains are corrected properly, my apologies for any inconvenience!



I tried that, still didn’t work. I haven’t been able to actually log in to see my order in like…a year now? Fortunately, I have all the email correspondence and whatnot, but yeah…


The intl subdomain worked and I can login and see my orders. Thanks, @Aethel.

Hope to hear something regarding shipping to outside the US soon.

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Yet again a month is over and no news regarding EU delivery! Keep up “the good work”!
At least the company is sticking to its standards…


so I purchased my monitor over a year ago. There are no essential updates on whats going on. How can this possible be? Are there at least any informations why this process is taking so long. In August @Aethel reached out to me and told me that there are informations when mass production is starting. Just a friendly reminder that this is about 7 months ago. Hope to get informations soon.

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Hey @Aethel,
trying again in here: Could you please assist me with my refund. I still didnt receive any money back an my refund was initiated months ago. Thank you.

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