Shipping Update

Still no email on my order I’ve been dealing with the incompetence of this company for almost a year now. Never any updates, always delay after delay.


Pre-order on February 7, 2020 and
March 11, 2022 I have paid in full for a 240hz monitor but have not response.
Is this a scam?

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Hey @KevyBoy

Let me contact support for your order, and I will get back to you with more information in a bit.

Hey @umi_umi

This model is estimated to ship in November 2022, currently we are preparing and collecting the materials for our mass production. We will have an update and newsletter sent to you and others once production has begun! Thank you for your patience with this as I know you have been waiting quite some time.

Hi I placed an order on April 22 for a 4K Spectrum where the est shipping was May 2022. However, I haven’t heard anything yet. Ridiculously, the est shipping date for new orders from your website is Oct 2022. You know your websites est shipping date is misleading people to place orders without knowing the actual waiting time. Could you please let me know the status of my order?

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Hey @Ian_Pang

The current status of the glossy currently is still addressing production issues. Though we will be having a topic/announcement and newsletter soon informing all customers of production resuming. This all will be happening in the near future and will most likely be in October 2022. I do apologize for the delays currently and the team is working diligently to be able to resolve the issues found and resume production.

Thanks for the response. Looking forward to the final updates. I’ve been saving a monitor arm for it for 5 months and currently, I’m still using a 1080p monitor as my main, which is unacceptable to multitask.

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Yes, and once again I do apologize for the delays regarding this model, we are all looking forward to seeing you all receive yours very soon!

Hi @Aethel what’s the status on production regarding the Matte instead? Ordered one in April and still no words

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Matte is currently in the process of shipping as it is out of production, If you can DM me your order ID I will have support look into providing you a status update!

I ordered a glossy 144hz in April and almost completely scripted responses from support - when can I expect my monitor to arrive?

Hi there,

Spectrum 4K glossy production is currently being paused due to QC issues. Once we receive a green light from our partner manufacturer, we will have a more definite timing for shipping. The current estimate is October 2022.

I’m sorry, but you need to give us more information than that. You have been moving the goal post every single month, to state either later that same month, or the following month.

We need to know what progress has been made, and what is remaining. When you’ve bumped this back half a year, and repeatedly tell us “next month”, you must think of us as so naive to believe that, blindly.

Can you provide an actual status update, and not just a date pulled out of seemingly nowhere? What QC issues have been resolved, what remains, and why do you say October; what’s changed since you said September?


Hi there,

I wish I have more things that I can share.

However, there is not much information at all going on. We are waiting as well. We want to get the units ready sooner than later, knowing that more waiting time will cost us more in the long run, but here we are. We simply don’t have any more information at this point other than what has been shared a while ago now.

The obvious followup question, then, is if you have no information about what is going on, then why do you tell us October? Where does that date come from, what facts is the ETA based upon?

As a reminder; in the initial notice you provided informing us of the QC issues published in June; you provided an estimated shipping date of July. You have now moved the date back three months without providing any formal update.

We bought a product from Dough (or formerly as Eve), a product which is manufactured by Dough, and it appears as though Dough doesn’t know what is going on either? I suggest you find an update; my patience is pretty chonky, but it’s starting to wane at an ever increasing rate as the ETAs you provide repeatedly pass with no provided updates from the company. I understand there are many in my position.

The fact that a non-zero amount of units from your only successful batch were sent out to reviewers, instead of reaching paying customers, is upsetting. You’d rather prioritise your advertisement and marketing and sacrifice customer satisfaction.

Again, I think many of us would appreciate a formal update, inclusive of an apology, providing a reason for the ever-slipping ETA for the continuation of production. I am perfectly happy to wait for a product if I know it will materialise, but owing to the lack of information and repeated missed estimates, I fear the worst. I would rather know that I do not need to pursue this issue through other channels.


Hi there,

The estimate is provided by our partner. I said no information to be shared, is because there is not much happening since the development recap. Aside of implementation of operational improvements, the firmware side of things has yet to make a significant improvement. Otherwise, we could’ve resumed production earlier…

Yes, I am with you on it when it comes to estimated shipping that kept on slipping, and I am just as frustrated as you are on this. Trust me.

The QC topic was done on June, and we did have units shipping on July. Unfortunately not enough to fulfill all the orders since only 100 units were produced for the start of mass production (with only 90 units passed QC).

Since then, we have tried communicating the delays through direct support emails and individual community topic replies (including on the QC topic itself). However, your feedback is invaluable, and soon, I will do more of those monthly recaps on the development for more transparent communication.

The units that were being sent to reviewers are repurposed units from different development phases which are not considered fit to be sold as retail to customers. 90 ES07DC9 units that passed QC following the initial mass production were all sent to paying customers!

Thank you so much for the post. I completely understand your (and many others) frustration regarding delays to your Spectrum orders. I hope to hear more updates soon so we can share it to everyone currently still waiting for their units.

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So when do we actually get an update on our machines? I’ve also commented on the past months and no a single DEV has replied to my question. Seems like you guys are continuously holding out or ignoring most if not all of us.

Hey @FamiliarSam

I am sorry if it seems we are ignoring you as that is not the intention. From what has already been stated I do not have an update/extra information to provide currently, and when such is given, we will inform you all of such promptly.

The whole thing is just a high tech ponzi scheme, they also delay the refunds

I can assure you, it is not a ponzi scheme. I, and many thousands of other customers, have received an excellent monitor (4k, 144Hz, matte, in my case).

I honestly believe that the admins that respond on the forums all have our best interests at heart and want to help. Unfortunately, Eve, as a business, has demonstrated that they have very little idea how to manage their partners. They seem to blindly accept whatever their contractors tell them and are unable to hold them to account. I don’t know whether they are woeful at writing binding contracts or abysmally lacking in assertiveness, but they just can’t get their manufacturing partners to produce enough monitors to satisfy demand or get their logistics partners to ship them quickly and efficiently.

I have been following this forum for over a year and I’m amazed at just how incompetent Eve is. I pity the admins who continually try to appease their customers despite knowing that their replies will always fall short of the basic wishes of those who paid for the product months ago.

It’s a real shame: great product, complete clusterfuck of a company.


No response yet, another month. No forecast. Soon it’s one year! Ordered a monitor, a HDMI cable, a screen cleaning KIT and a display port cable, 900 Euros stuck since more than 1 year!