Shipping Update

Unbelievable, a gift card!?

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Can you request a chargeback from your credit card company?


Going to have to try. This is beyond unacceptable.


A gift card or give them my banking info…
I don’t know about you but I’m not to keen on handing over my account and routing number over to a stranger.

Hey @DarwinBC,

It could be that your payment has been made through our previous payment processor, which unfortunately we are unable to process refunds through. This is why the details are requested so that your refund can be processed through alternative means.

Please send me your order number, and support ticket numbers through a DM though and I will get the team to look into this as soon as possible for you.

I responded to this in the other thread you created, but here it is for everyone else.

The issue here is due to the way that refunds work. Refunds don’t use your card details directly - they are made against a reference to the original transaction. Those references don’t remain “alive” forever, and will expire after a certain period of time.

In this case the original transaction was made more than 180 days ago, so the reference is no longer valid. It’s a technical constraint, caused either by the card network or the payment processor. It’s not a limitation in Eve’s systems.

The details being asked for are required for an international wire transfer. Asking for your bank’s SWIFT number is a big sign for why they need this info.

As for the gift card, I’d be very surprised if it was for Eve products. They’ll more likely ask if you want an Apple / PSN / XBox Live / Walmart / etc gift card. The idea is that if they can’t send you back cash, they can at least send you the equivalent of cash for somewhere you’re likely to spend money anyway.


I’m going to go though my CC company, seeing as they already lost my 4k and can’t refund this order.

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Just got this from support

Lucy - Eve Customer Support Agent (Eve Distribution Limited)

Apr 22, 2022, 17:34 GMT+3

Hi Chaz,

we have received confirmation that we will be able to arrange couriers to collect and ship the remaining express orders next week! Once collected, you will receive a tracking number which you can use to accurately estimate your delivery date. You will have Spectrum on your desk very soon!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions.

Lucy, Eve Devices Customer Support

Lets see how this play out. You seen it here, next week i should have a tracking number.


LOL. What would you call taking somebody’s money in exchange for a promise to ship a product in February but not actually doing so? In fact, not actually shipping the product in March and probably not even April… It is obvious that shipping is merely an excuse.


I was told that a month ago


Eve’s history with delivery timelines is beyond awful. The whole “18-35 days” standard delivery was a joke, turning into nearly 6 months for a huge number of customers.

But they do eventually deliver. Extremely extremely late, but they get there.

In no way are they unjustly enriching themselves by taking advantage of others. The reputational damage from these shipping debacles will be massive. Upgrading people to express shipping because they screwed up standard shipping is also expensive.

As I said, it’s not fraud. Just ridiculously massive amounts of incompetence.


Honestly, if I could trust their delivery estimates I would be okay with it. I knew it was going to be a long wait and I still ordered.

The problem for me is the “answers” given when asked. Support says one thing, then a second and then a third. Again, for over a month we have been told that existing orders (2021 orders) were already on the boat and should be in the ware house end of March. Three weeks into April we are now told that they were not there, and won’t be until the week of May 2nd.

To be clear, I do not blame @ReignDespair or any of the other mods in here. I blame Eve management and the shipping partners they chose to work with. Lastly I blame myself for not going with Express shipping. The extra money would have been worth it to save months of frustration


My order was just cancelled, feels sad but on the other hand it’s behind me now.

Fun fact, you can no longer order Express Shipping on the website


When did you place your order?

Ordered in October 2021
Paid in November 2021

Standard shipping to Florida


We have to vote with our wallets. It is the only way there is a semblance of chance they will learn to be better. Giving EVE the benefit of the doubt will just reward poor behavior unfortunately, regardless of the quality of the product.


This information will come as a large surprise to Eve V buyers who purchased in 2016 and who do not yet have a device, or a refund.

I imagine it may also come as a surprise to Eve spectrum customers who ordered lasty year and still have no real idea when they will get what they paid for.

Sure some devices have been delivered, but I do no share your confidence in Eve’s ability to deliver for everyone they have taken money from, and I do not believe the facts back up such a sweeping statement


The bunch of Eve advocates who presumably have already received their devices, yet continue posting here make the whole situation appear even more scammy


Agree. Not sure why it’s like this, we have seen how patient the community has been, I think if anything it would help their cause being more honest and transparent.

I think its down to some massive disconnect between shipping (people on the ground) and their customer support/community reps, and they are provided no data at all (or near real-time data) to support any transparency, through the support email or the forum.

Also, for all we know that “support” team could be 2 people with 10 different accounts haha

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I have seen a dozen of other Eve customers on here be frustrated like you guys with the whole shipping process and thinking this whole thing is a scam. Yet they kept waiting and complaining. Those customers did receive their monitors 5 months later after making their final payments. In the end they were pleased with the product but weren’t pleased with the standard shipping process. There are a few posts here of eve customers posting their monitor in hand including myself. The monitors are shipping to customers but not fast enough.
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