Shipping Update


Hey folks,

Happy new year!
Hope you all had a great start of the year. In today’s update I would like to share some insights on our current shipping process and changes we are making to ensure our shipping meets expectations.

Review of our shipping process

As you may know, last year we tried a different method of shipping from Hong Kong and regional warehouses. Unfortunately, due to all kinds of supply chain disruptions it has not been the smooth experience we intended. This year we are going to change that. First of all, we would like to share some exciting news (me and the rest of the team have been waiting for this moment for quite some time). We finally just hired a much-needed global logistics manager with the relevant experience and a great attitude! He will soon be make an intro post to the community and talk about shipping in depth. Having an experienced logistics manager and a dedicated logistics team means we will finally be able to start building up speed, quality, and efficiency for all our deliveries and after service.

One of the fundamental issues we encountered last year was cooperation with our chosen shipping partners. We had a lot of problematic issues including lost, missing, and delayed packages, and let us not forget the misinformation we received. We exhaustively tried to improve the flow numerous times and as you know I was the one keeping you posted and getting all the heat (understandably). Unfortunately, we were unable to change the ways our current logistic partner operates. Because of this we have decided to change our shipping partners to more established players with outstanding reputations. New year, new start, and a better experience for everyone.

Future shipping

We are in talks with a few third-party logistic companies and distribution partners, and we will be choosing the partner that will provide the best level of service. Currently, DB Schenker seems to be the most interesting candidate to whom we have spoken about our worldwide distribution needs, including fulfilling orders from our online shop.

We also talking with some of the smaller companies like Red Stag Fulfilment and OGOship in the EU. If you have had experience with any of these services please let us know! We expect to pick our new shipping partner by next week and ship all stock either that same week or the following one, resuming shipping for all past, present, and future orders. We apologise that this is causing a small delay, but it will be highly worth it as it will reduce shipping quality issues, increase speed, and provide a better overall experience.

This year our plan is to move away from our current express shipping model which is directly from Hong Kong. This route is far too lengthy and susceptible to all kinds of delays. Our plan is to offer standard and express shipping from local warehouses with a new logistics partner from stock we build up at those warehouses. This ensures that shipping costs are kept as low as possible, and delivery time is as short as can be. That being said, if you have an open express order with us, please expect that your order will ship via air freight directly from Hong Kong thus avoiding any further delays.

As the supply shortage have eased, we are able to order significantly more monitors and actually start building up stock for quick shipping with accurate delivery estimates. After the January and February allocations are fulfilled, we will be able to shorten the lead-time drastically and provide a comparable experience to other players in the market. We are hoping that our upcoming models (especially those due to be delivered this year), will follow this new logistical flow.

For those who have experienced delivery issues (e.g, courier lost/did not deliver your parcel), our team is working with the couriers to locate your parcels; in the unfortunate event that they are unable to, we will ship you a new order. We are waiting for the investigations into these cases to conclude: While some orders have been found and shipped, others we have yet to learn their fate. If you are one of those affected and would like an updated status, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team for answers.

When will my order ship?

Based on all the details we expect to have our new logistics dream team setup and fulfill existing orders for ES07D03 as soon as we move to our new shipping partner. We estimate that to be by the end of January.

Looking forward, we have many exciting things planned for 2022! As always if you have any questions for us, please let us know!

Shipping update 27/01/2022:

Shipping update 23/02/2022

Update 24/02/2022

Shipping Update 21/04/2022



Yeah it would be nice to see a partial refund on the shipping cause I paid an exuberant $144 USD for express shipping back at the start of Nov 2021


Hey! That’s very good news! :smiley: @ReignDespair mmmm I recommend that you also take a look at 3 companies DHL, United Parcel Service (UPS) and FedEx. I honestly haven’t had any bad experiences with them. I wouldn’t know how to tell you which of the three is better :roll_eyes:

I’m very sorry if the links are in Spanish :pensive:

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I am glad to see Eve moving forward with its logistics and the detailed information is very welcome, but your customer care needs a serious overhaul.
As a customer who paid full price in Sept 2021 when the website stated Sept as Delivery, I joined in the Shipping education on the Forum for 2 EU ships only to not have my monitor on either, as the Forum got Toxic I stayed quiet as I could understand the early backers frustration. Then I saw customers order after me in the UK receive monitors before xmas.
Express shipping for the start of January was annoying but better than the kick in the teeth I was getting.

Now we must wait for you (Eve) to reorganise, choose a shipping partner who may be just as bad as the last, and then get the units out. Just as Chinese New Year approaches (assume this affects HK as well since the UK abandoned them!) Just to look even more pessimistically Omicron variant is causing testing and lockdowns in China and HK.
Happy New Year and no compensation, price reduction or clear idea of a delivery, just the vague “We estimate that to be by the end of January”
Unimpressed, diappointed and now expecting delivery nearer to 5 months from the date of my order, incredible!


Yes. A partial refund on the $130 USD express shipping option that was offered as the only option to me would be very nice. And I’m in Asia.


Given that shipping has been one of the two biggest issues Eve have faced with the Spectrum, any positive change here will be welcomed.

The other big area that needs improvement is customer support. There’s been a lot of complaints in the forums about how long it takes for support tickets to get answered (if they get answered at all), and Eve community liaisons have had to chase up many tickets because the support team have dropped the ball.

These companies will do the delivery, but they only take care of moving parcels from point A to point B.

Eve are looking for a lot more than this. They want a company that is capable of holding stock at warehouses around the world, so that orders can be sent out from a location much closer to the actual customer. For example, orders in the US (and likely Canada) would be sent from warehouses in the US, not from Eve’s warehouse in Hong Kong.


Hey @Optimus_Prime,

Based on the date you paid you order our website should have quoted you January shipping. Your order will still be shipping in January with express shipping directly from HongKong.

The standard shipping process will still need to undergo the sea freight process to the regional warehouses. Which is due to commence at the end of the month. While our changes will ensure this process is quicker, we still need to build up our stock for our overall improvements.

Because you have chosen express shipping, your order will be shipped via air freight at the end of the month, with delivery taking 3-7days once shipped.

Hey @Chaddy232,

Unfortunately, this is something we will not be able to offer, but your order will ship via air freight as promised this month with delivery taking 3-7days once shipped.

Hey @rocketJumpBlur,

Thank you for your suggestions! Like @NZgeek stated these companies would not cover all our needs, but there is a possibility that couriers like these will be used for last mile delivery.

Hey @Anubis,

I completely understand your frustrations, and we apologise for these unexpected delays. We want to ensure that this does not happen in the future, which is why, these logistic improvements are very much needed! Because your order was upgraded to express shipping this will ship out via air freight this month, with delivery taking 3-7days once shipped.

Hey @Hysteroid,

Unfortunately, this is not something we will be able to offer but your order will be shipped this month via the express shipping method. Delivery will take 3-7 days once shipped.

Hey @NZgeek,

Thank you very much for your input, we are definitely aware of this and are currently overhauling our existing processes and expanding our support team, to ensure that everyone receives the best support experience we can provide. There are going to be many more improvements made in the coming weeks.


@ReignDespair With the previous announcement of Eve V has been slightly delayed due to not having a spot to have them manufactured and with ongoing power cuts. Are you guys still working with your current manufacture? Or are you guys looking into hiring a second manufacturer?

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Hey @ReignDespair i’m a new customer here at eve, i felt concerned to ask when would new orders come in if they were placed at this point in time as of Jan. 14 (2022)?

i’m moving to a new area in June (2022) and i needed to know that if i were to place an order on the SPECTRUM 4K 144HZ Monitor right now, would i receive it before June (2022)?

i’m considering express shipping as well… i want to order this monitor but i’m on the fence about it due to shipment times.

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Hey Carl,
We are still working with them yes. There are no plans currently to change manufacture for the V, but who knows what the future may hold.

Welcome to the Eve community @Malcolm!

I can confidently say that you would receive your order before June 2022. While we are changing logistics partner, and the way we do things. If you ordered standard shipping today your order would be shipped to the regional warehouse and from there to your delivery address. We strongly believe that this will be a lot quicker that the shipments made last year. I’ll be sure to get the specific details for you as soon as possible though.


Not surprised and quite frankly not even that disappointed (since this is my first and extremely likely last purchase from EVE) with news of another delay. I’ve already been told my monitor will ship mid December, then 2nd/3rd week of January, and now the end of January. This is after the initial shipment spent months in freight before ultimately being delivered to someone else/lost or misplaced.

If you are reading these forums and considering ordering, the main take away for shipping update is you should wait. Let Eve take on the cost and struggle of getting stock to regional warehouses, then you can reap the benefit of shorter and more accurate shipping estimates. If you need a monitor soon or can’t wait that long, other manufacturers are in stock with shorter shipping times. As well CES last week showed that even more options are coming to market in the near future. Please learn from my impatience.

Will probably take the weekend to decide if sunk cost fallacy will continue to be my reason in continuing to wait. However, this time the new ship date will run against the 6-month window to file a charge back with my bank, the only source of leverage still available to me. We’ll see, but I guess good to see Eve dump Floship after this community has been telling them do so for months.


Someone said they didn’t think any of this was intentional. I agree, the shipping part probably wasn’t intentional.

But the company lying to my face about where my monitor was for months led me to request a refund. “It is stuck on a ship” and “It will leave the warehouse soon” is not the same as “it was shipped to someone else who didn’t order by mistake” (and I still can’t figure out how this happened!). The above doesn’t elucidate the situation at all – claims the carriers lost it? Nope, it was shipped to the wrong person - the carrier delivered it to exactly the person Eve/Floship told them to deliver it to - just wasn’t me (or anyone who even ordered a monitor). Not clear how changing shipping partners helps fix this.

Transparency and trust folks. I still wish I had a monitor. But requested a refund when told they’d express ship one – again, who knows if I won’t have exactly the same experience as other folks still waiting on their express shipping to actually leave the warehouse. Sorry, I doubt I’ll reconsider after this experience, no matter how the shipping improves.

On the plus side, it looks like the refund for all except my initial deposit has processed, despite being more than 6 months. They gave me an arduous process to get the initial deposit back, so we’ll see how that goes.

THank you so much for the update! As others have echoed, I also paid exorbitant $150 USD ( $220 NZD) for express shipping, will we see partial, or full refund of this to reflect the shipping delay?

Hello spectrum eve , i ordered mine spectrum eve 4k and also paid the full price and i ask the helpdesk when i will receive my monitor , they told me january end of the month or begin February like i see this post. But i ordered mine 8-11 january. Will i receive mine end of this month of February?

Hey @Symanide,

While there has been a slight delay in shipping your order. Your order should still ship by the end January and because you order is with express shipping your order will ship with the delivery estimate of 3-7days.

We understand the current express shipping price is high. This is beyond our control and what it costs to ship, infact we have actually have been subsidising part of the costs, because of the shipping price volatility.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to offer any compensation to your current shipping costs.

Hey @ironic77
This is exactly part of the reason why we are changing shipping partners. We relayed information directly from them on many occasions, and were let down many times with the information they provided. I sincerely apologise you had to go through this like many others did also. I assure you the situation was equally frustrating for us. We were doing everything we possibly could to get information to provide and so often we then had to follow them up for a new update.

Hey @Sinan68, If I could ask which shipping option did you opt for? Our current estimates put the resume of shipping either next week or the following. Shipping time will vary based on shipping chosen shipping option.

Edit: Also one thing to note is that we will be shipping out in chronological order


The new flow we are creating means all express and standard orders will be shipped from stock from regional warehouses.

For pre-existing express orders we want to ensure these orders arrive as soon as possible so we will be shipping these orders directly from HongKong vier airfreight; this still has a high cost associated with it.

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Fair enough I’ll delete my post then, thanks for the clarification


That’s okay, you didn’t need to delete the post. I would rather you ask questions if unsure about something, and for us to provide the clarification.


I pre ordered 8 January and 11 January i paid the full price, and i did the normal shipping so. Normally it says 18-35 days. I was expecting maybe begin February or atleast mid.

So what happens if my order doesn’t ship in January as mentioned? I paid for the express shipping and with a guarantee that it will ship in Jan. Shouldn’t. we get a partial refund on the shipping then?