Shipping to Australia (seeking Aussie experts)

Hey hey!

Firstly, how many Australians have we got in the community?

I ask mostly because I have no idea what is going to happen with receiving the V in Aus (Perth)

Ive never purchased anything online that was over the $1000 AUD customs value so am really in the dark, and the customs website (like all Aus govt websites) is terrible.

Basically if anyone can shed some light on;

1/ how much tax are we going to have to pay?
2/ Do I have to do anything (paperwork) before the V arrives in Aus?
3/ Will customs keep the V and notify me…? So I’ll then have to go and pay/pick it up? Or?
4/ Will it just get shipped to my address along with a bill from the Gov?

Any and all help is awesome.


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Not sure if it helps, but here in Lithuania the process is as follows:
The item arrives at sorting centre, it gets sent through customs check. If they think you need to declare something, they send you a registered letter to let you know. Within a given period of time, you need to send them the information they need (everything including instructions is in the letter). After that, they fill the papers for you and you receive a notification to pick up from your post office, and pay the taxes during pick up. They also ask you to pay 10$ to the post service for filling the papers, or you can go to the airport and fill them yourself (a very complicated procedure, they clearly don’t want you do that), if you inform them in advance.
I know it might be different, but from what I’ve heard the idea is very similar in many countries. I hope it helps, and I also hope someone from Australia can shed some light for you :slight_smile:

Hi Hulby,

Fellow aussie here. I have imported over $1000 multiple times and never had any interruption with delivery nor been asked to pay the tax. Link below states

If the goods you have imported have a declared or assessed value of more than AUD1000, you will be sent a First Notice by Australia Post advising that you will need to lodge an Import Declaration with us for the goods.

I normally just wait and see if AusPost delivery the parcel, if they don’t then I expect a “First Notice” in the mail with due amount of tax. Once paid they will deliver the V like usual.

Honestly I haven’t even thought about it. I’m expecting it will just show up at my door without question.


Fellow Aussie (well I live in brissy for quite some time now) here. I can only answer the first question, which will be the same as GST 10% plus a processing fee.

Above is from whirlpool forum with regards to the import tax with some example on how to calculate it.

Also we might have to use a custom broker according to this page: CustomsDuty rate on PCs

Edit: thanks to @Scott_G, it may not be as bad as it sounds on whirlpool. Let’s hope all things go smoothly for us.

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Honestly speaking tho, I do think the 50USD shipping price from China to AU is a bit too much when we have to pay our own tax and deal with all the import stuff…

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Well shipping from China to Hong Kong is US$50 too :confounded:
The good thing is they’re no taxes whatsoever…

So… US$ 50 to AU is probably a pretty good deal

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Hey there,
Am from Melbourne and as most of the ppl have said there is a GST to be added but the amount will depend on the exchange rate on that day, and will be applied to the total value including the shipping cost.
I did read somewhere that the carrier would be DHL and I have confirmed with them that they will make sure that the package clears custom. Which means they will pay any charges and contact you to inform you of the amount which you will then need to pay them for the parcel to be delivered.
Hope this answers your question.

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Be careful with DHL though. Here in Canada they are known for gouging the consumer by adding all sorts of “import fees” beyond what is necessary. I’d not be surprised if they try to charge the end consumer duty here in canada, even though computers are supposed to be free of duty.

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Yeah will need to wait and see when the V eventually ships.

To summarise:

  • If Eve is able to offer a “delivered duty paid” option via the web store, then it will be smooth sailing to your doorstep regardless (unless the AusPost driver flicks a card into your letterbox and does a runner).
  • Otherwise:
    • If it is sent via courier, it will clear customs but the courier will hold the parcel until you repay the GST + processing charge.
    • If it is sent via postal service, it will be held by customs. You will be posted a first notice and advised to fill out an import declaration and pay the specified amounts before the parcel is delivered.

@fanoftech4life, you’ve confirmed shipping details with Eve before — could you check how it will be handled for Australia?


Ok! Thanks for all of the information and research, thats one of the things I really respect about what Eve have done here - the community!

Looks like I’ll just have to wait and see mostly. I’m hoping to have the V in my hands before the Uni semester starts (just sold my MBPR) so am currently deviceless!

I did ask Eve if they were able to swing something for the Aussies like they have for EU and USA but they regretfully weren’t able to.

P.s. Sorry about the delay in thanks, I’m backpacking the Balkans (currently in Serbia) so am fairly distracted!

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If it comes in via DHL/Fedex/UPS then my work related experience is that you’ll get charged the GST/Duty as well as a $92 (or so) Customs Fee and perhaps a disbursement fee (for them paying the customs fee). It makes it quite expensive when you have something worth $1001 - that extra dollar costs about $100 in extra fees (+GST/duty)

@Hulby @Scott_G @Zhang_Xi @DE4th @peter_mcc

Great news here regarding customs clearance:


Thanks man! That’s great news!

I am in China near where the factories are at the moment, it would be great if I can just go and grab the V and bring it back to Australia tax free hahaha