Shipping From China & The Packaging - An Insight From A Fellow Exporter!

Please be aware, this post and thread in NO WAY offers an excuse for some of the things that have happened to some packages and deliveries, it is only my attempt to explain a possible why and how.

It is purely intended to provide some insight into what can and does happen with some freight in China.
I also think the Team are probably NOT aware of what might or could be happening until they read this post.
Most freight companies will not tell you about this.

I found out when my family told me how some packages arrived and the condition of the outer packaging.
I knew I didn’t send them that way. (Check one of my replies below for what happened to me with a courier on the street, when he came to collect a package.)

I think this link below will be valuable to help you understand why some things have been happening lately with the shipping and packaging of your V, and the condition that it might or could arrive to you in!

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Still, these kind of problems are not any way acceptable.

My V arrived yesterday and the tablet had dust marks on the back side clearly seeable (i will upload a pic in a little bit). Thank god it was easily wiped off.

Also the screen protector was just thrown in the box and it was all smudged. Not that I probably will be using it anyway but didn’t even try to clean it yet.

Pic: IMG_20171213_182559


I never insinuated that it was acceptable.
Packaging and shipping just needs to be improved and a better contractor found.

I’m just telling how things are done and what might happen.

I prefer to try find a solution rather than complain.
But first the reasons and methods must be understood before a solution can be found or devised.

We have already seen many pics and heard a lot of words.
Any more probably don’t help for now.

I feel your disappointment and fully understand your sentiment.

Let’s not lose sight of the fact that this was the “First” batch and that’s where the most things are learned and the most mistakes are made.

It can only get better from here with the help of a “Helpful” community.

This post was never intended to provide an excuse for what has been happening!

It is purely to provide an honest feedback as to Why it “might” be happening and from there solutions can be found as I already mentioned above.


@Masters888 while you do give a good background into the how’s and whys this may have happened… @inffy makes a good point, it needs to be a bit better unfortunately and Eve are definitely trying to work through that currently. And Christ above nothing should arrive like that advertised as ‘new’.

Edit: I see you replied first, add that into your post if you believe that! I totally love your post because it’s fascinating insight, but I’m also like “boxes can’t be banged up and missing crap”.


well isn’t that a literal bang up job…
Glad it’s something that can be fixed with wiping!
Though, how incompetent the company that packages this has to be, it looks like they dusted off the table using the V…


AI think that the title of the topic is misleading. To me it sounds like a japanese “しょうがない” (or “shouganai” = it can not be helped), while actually a solution has to be worked out (as already said).
What the point for Eve to work their ass off to produce a premium device if a 3rd party ruins it?

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I think they are working on a solution, specifically changing to another S&H company.
However, posts like this are valuable in providing an explanation to what we are facing, which the Team didn’t provide.


Well…after all this disturbing talks of us backers not getting our products in top condition. I am beginning to lose faith that I will even get my product in top condition and so I might just reject the shipment when it arrives and have the team refund my money and I will just spend an extra few hundred on a surface pro. At least when I open it I know that there won’t be any visible dust or scratches on the tablet. Because quite frankly waiting patiently for 1 year to receive a premium product but ended up having to deal with this crap is unfair to us backers


It took me some time to figure this out in China, and I suspect the Team did not know it also.

Thus it would be difficult for them to report something they hadn’t realised.

I remember sending a package to my son in Australia from my home in China and the courier arrived to pick it up from TNT one of the big companies.
The courier driver promptly tore open my very carefully wrapped package so he could inspect the contents. You have no idea how angry and the words I shouted at him.

He apologised and said he had to, or he would be fired.

After his inspection I repackaged it, luckily he had tape and everything I needed.

This incident made me finally realise the facts!


Sorry, but I think that’s an unreasonable and not very smart reaction.

I am sure this kind of thing will NOT continue for further shipments.

It is best for all to get their packages and take it case by case, because not everyone is affected.

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I am beginning to lose faith that I will even get my product in top condition and so I might just reject the shipment when it arrives and have the team refund my money and I will just spend an extra few hundred on a surface pro.

I’m LB, and to be honest i’m affraid on this issue too. So if the package is come, and if it seems dusty or damaged, i can reject it? and get refund?


the package will not be dusty.the V inside may have on its surface a little dust

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Personally I think LBs will get far better treatment now that team knows how these things have been handled.

The V will come in big ass cardboard box, so unless it’s damaged you dont really know what is inside. You still have the 14 days return period for the full refund.


I totally agree!

We have all seen how good and proactive the Eve Team are to their customers.

No other company will look after you like they will.

Have faith and continue to support them, they deserve it.


Also totally agree. They will get better with time and everything will be good.
We HEB were the test ride for everything.
I got what i paid for , no complaints there. Even if my V arrived with a non functioning keyboard i didn’t mind so much because i was very excited about the V.
And yes no other company will give that much attention and look after you.


Is the V package sealed (shrink wrap)? I find it odd how dust can get in.

I know, of course i trust and beliEVE (for now still) , 4px nope! :rofl:


I find your situation of Chinese courier different from mine in HK. Taobao (online shopping) is popular in mainland China, so as HK.

My colleagues always buy taobao and I am the receiving end as I sit close to the entrance of my company. I only received 1 goods which is in poor package, and that is a children bike (yes a bicycle).

The way of V being shipped is from mainland to HK, then to other places. WHICH IS the same as taobao (from mainland to HK) and they are through Trucks (roads, not by air). Therefore I don’t think your rationale of Chinese customs or courier guy being fired stand.

For the lithium battery part, i don’t know the situation. I’m only commenting based on my packages receiving experience.

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An interesting question that came to mind reading this and other threads on this subject:

Have you ever experienced some of the things seen with some of this first batch of Vs when buying a premium electronic device from another company?

  • Yes
  • No

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In the 4 or so electronic devices I’ve purchased, I’ve never seen anything like this. I wonder how other established players manage this or if they get the same results and I’ve just been lucky.

I ship thousands of units out of china that contains lithium batteries (18650). Funny thing is, my suppliers, tell me i cant ship by sea due to moisture.

Also, all my products are shrink wrapped. So no dust. Custom duty will open the box, they might check/open one unit.

I just think Eve or 4px just poorly packaged it + Christmas rush hour = disaster.

My suppliers tell me DHL warehouse is filled to the brim. You know its crazy season to be shipping.