Sharpening setting not persisting after power off

I have the glossy version of the ES07D03 and while it seems ok to use for now (still testing it), one bug ive noted is how the sharpness setting only persists if you set it while the monitor is on. Once you either switch it off, or change anything (resolution or refresh rate, or toggling VRR), the applied sharpening becomes disabled. The text says 80 (or whatever you set it to), but the sharpening reverts back to 50 or lower than what ive set it at. I have to change the value up or down from what its listed at to get the sharpness to work at a higher level.

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Hi there,

This is weird. Let me check with the firmware team for troubleshooting.

Just a few things:

  • What connection do you have?
  • What device do you have the Spectrum connected to?
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Changing resolution and refresh rate from your computer also resets this sharpness value to 50? Or is it only changing settings from inside the monitor OSD such as toggling VRR (adaptive sync) on/off?

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Connected to a 3080 at the moment. This happens on both ports (HDMI and DP). The sharpening will always revert anytime i run a game that changes the resolution (say from 1440p to 4k and vice versa). Even changes to the refresh rate does it. The setting says 80 sharpening, but its clear its not 80, and i have to set it down a notch to get the sharpening to engage then set it back to 80 again. Either a tick up or down will reset the sharpening.

Not sure its 50 (its not 0, but its not 80 either), but any change in resolution or refresh will do it.

Ill bet toggling VRR will also do it but i haven’t tested that yet.

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Is there any word on the sharpening bug or any firmware updates coming out at some point? My monitor has a few problems, but the sharpness bug has got to be fixed. Everytime i turn the power off or go into standby the sharpening resets and i have to constantly reenable it to get a sharper image.

Hey there,

I just received a confirmation from the firmware team that this will be addressed on the next firmware update.

OK thats great. I hope the HDMI issue, on my display, is a part of that. Will the glossies be getting that FW update too? I assume so. Just asking.

Hey there,

Yes, that is correct. The next update will be version 108 for ES07D03 and version 101 for ES07DC9. From what I have been told, they both will be released simultaneously.