Share your New Years Resolutions

This might have been better asked a little earlier, but an absent mind and stuff going on can leave things forgotten. But giving people a little time might be for the best, so you get to see if you at least manage to keep them the first couple of days. Or even to let you figure them out (I decided on mine yesterday).

But I am interested in hearing what new years resolutions people have decided upon. Whether it’s concrete goals or mere guidelines, I want to hear them.


Great topic!

  • Work out more often (and loose a tad more weight)
  • Finish my bachelor’s thesis & finish my studies this year
  • More regularly read books about coding

I started doing new years resolutions seriously last year and categorize every resolutions into tiers - ‘Must have’, ‘Should have’ and ‘Nice to have’.
For example with the reading books about coding:
‘Must have’ is something like 1 book every 6 months so something easy to achieve.
‘Should have’ is my realistic goal - like 1 book every 3 months.
And ‘Nice to have’ is more unrealistic and to motivate me going further: In this case 1 book every month.

This ‘goals list’ helps me personally to stick to my resolutions :slight_smile:


No resolutions done. :wink:

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For me I decided that I am going to be drawing one thing every day. I tried it last year, but failed horribly after a couple of days because I didn’t know what to draw. This year I decided to use a list.

I also plan to keep my past new year resolutions, wearing shorts every day of the year and not drinking soda.

And I have the more general “become better at stuff” goals regarding things like my behaviour, school, my job, exercising, etc. My ambitions to “one day” learn to code. But I don’t have any concrete goals in that department.

  • Exercise for an hour each day

  • Eat and drink less sugar

  • Stay organized with a planner

  • Study everyday

  • Learn Java

  • Read a book each month

  • Eat more dates and fruits

Hmmmmm… backstory?

I think it’s because he is Norwegian :thinking:

I’ll try to be patient until my V is here (LB + 1TB) :slight_smile:


It really only is a way to make sure I get dressed every day. In 2016 there were a couple of days I never had a reason to leave the house, and as such never bothered to get dressed, and telling myself I have to wear shorts every day is a surefire way to make me get dressed.

Last year, the only day I didn’t wear shorts was the 17th of May, when I wore a suit all day.


Not really new-year resolutions. Just stuff I didn’t want to do during the holiday season and thus waited for that to end. But it’s essentially the same as @iKirin

Although, i would change “books about coding” into “non-fiction books”. Currenly reading Guns, Germs and Steel. My ereader died though, so can’t continue…

I also would recommend not to read to much books about coding. You’ll learn more by just doing. Books are mostly outdated anyway.

Sidenote, when is your graduation presentation? I have mine at the end of the month.

@nawthor I know there are some websites that have daily drawing challenges. I’m currently subscribed to dailyUI for UI design challenges. Haven’t started yet because of the work in my thesis :stuck_out_tongue:



Jokes aside, mine would be to get fit and be financially responsible. Just started this “adulting” thingy…


I’ve now got over 8 years experience with coding - I know my fair share already :wink: But reading a few books especially about new languages/technologies can accelerate the learning process pretty quickly - especially since I try to use techniques from the book in my current project (or just tryout programs :smiley: )

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While this is the first time I’ve written these things down, here is the list of things for 2018 that have been rolling around in my head the last few weeks:

  1. Make smarter food choices.
  2. Do some type of physical excercise daily.
  3. #1 + #2 = Finally lose the “baby weight” (especially since my “baby” just turned 15. Years old. :joy:)
  4. Earn good grades in my classes (I’m going back to school) Will be using my V for school work :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  5. Finally launch a business that we’ve been talking about for the last 5 years. My V will be in good use for this one too!
    That’s about all I can handle for now.
    But I’m feeling good about the year.
    2018 is going to be a great one!!

#1 has been revised… never buy from EVE
#2 buy a Lenovo or Dell next time
#3 be more careful where I spend my money