Selling / swapping category?

Would it be a disadvantage for the forum if a category selling / swapping were added?
What would be a better market place for selling “old” Vs ( :rofl: when the time comes) or wrongly ordered accessories of the V than here?
Just asking… so; Mods, feel free to explain your “no’s” and close the topic if irrelevant…

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I think this would be good, because than the company has less work and less refunds

Some transparency about the state/problems the swappable V copes(d) with should be build in the selling/swap process.
If somebody is dishonest about his V, where will the responsibility lay?

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…not in the moderators’ :grin:
Didn’t think of that issue, you’re right… :thinking:

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This is probably as good a time as there ever will be to mention this.

We do actually have a policy that we don’t allow people to sell or advertise selling their Vs in the community. When it comes up we remove the posts and contact them privately, telling them they’ll have to use another platform.
We’ve long been thing thinking that we should announce this somewhere, but with how rarely it comes up, any big announcement would be overkill. Well, now at least you know it.

Then for the actual question. Why don’t we have a topic or category for selling or swapping Vs?

If we were going to do it we would want to do it properly. There would be two ways to do it, either officially supported, or purely unofficial and community driven.

Back during the IGG times we had a swap topic. While I wasn’t involved with it myself I know it was a load of work and a massive headache. Doing an official swapping or selling category would take a lot of work, and right now we just don’t have the manpower to manage it.

So what about an unofficial one? On first glance it might seem simple, all we would need to do is set up the category, say “we have nothing to do with this”, and leave it to itself. That could work out perfectly fine. But it is also possible it wouldn’t.

Right now we have no system in place to identify any given community member as a V owner. So, like @aml says

Even if we clearly state that it would be unofficial and that we have nothing to do with it, it’s us people would come complaining to if something happened.

There are also multiple platforms and sites dedicated to selling and buying. What exactly would be the advantage of using this community over any of them if we weren’t officially supporting it here?
To answer

I’m sure there are other platforms that can be the answer to that question, even if only for the simple fact that they’re platforms made with that exact purpose.

(I’m not a lawyer and have no clue what any legal implications would be regardless of how we do it, so I’ve refrained from making any comment on that)


…as I said before, I hadn’t thought about the legal issue and responsibility haha :smiley: and I understand completely (and had somewhere in my memory that selling had not been permitted here).

Now, is it possible/allowed to mention here that one is selling sth V-related on another platform and post the link to it?

Perhaps the above quote wasn’t clear enough, but I did mean “advertise Vs sold on other platforms”.

hm while I totally get that selling itself causes big issues, I don’t really see why telling about selling somewhere else would be an issue…
Can you explain? I do not want to argue, if there are reasons I’m not aware of, I’m ready to learn :slight_smile:

As far as I recall, we’ve only had it come up once that someone wanted to promote a V sold on another platform here in the community, but it comes down to much the same, that we can’t actually confirm that the V being sold is real and that nothing is up.
We also worry that topics promoting a V sold on another platform could promote behaviour we would prefer not to see, such as continuous bumping and/or spamming. We would of course take action if such behaviour arose, but we would prefer not to give it a reason to start in the first place.