Selection. Be like Eve or go HP

I am very upset that I don’t get to control much spec choices. Mostly it’s because tablet laptop’s are not as modular as laptop and PC. But. 4gig or ram. And of I need 8gig then I have to get i5 AND 256gb. Sounds more like a punishment for wanting 8gig. Hp let’s us customise anything. So should everyone.


EVE V m3 model has 8 GB RAM - there is no V with 4 GB RAM.


Where does they all get that m3 4gb thing? It is not the first one that I read. Maybe a comparison with the surface?

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It’s a rant to all other companies that are giving me 4gig. My budget is tight. They change everything . And 4gig is not enough to run lots of stuffs at ones. (Tried) so now its either eve or spend more anyway on other devices. Stuck I am!. Coz eve V is not out yet but it seems like my only option…

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Sorry misread your post. Thought you complained about eve that don’t has m3 8gb xD

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What’s the big fuss about 4GB RAM? Surely for browsing, emails, and office, 4GB is perfectly adequate. And when the system needs more, using the hard disk as virtual memory is less of a performance hit with modern SSDs. While I appreciate that some people need 8GB or even 16GB, I’m sure 4GB on an m3 is perfectly fine for many people.

I have 4gb on my desktop running W10 and it fine. I don’t do CAD or video editing, but I do play quite a lot of games on it. Not the cutting edge ones, but still modern titles.
But it is 6 years old. I would always want 8gb for a new computer, even if I could get by with 4.

The problem is what the OP outlines, many companies will only allow you 8gb if you bump a load of other specs you don’t want, or charge you a fortune for it.

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Can you tell me what kind of games? I really need some good games to run on m3 without much fuss

Well i have tested an Intel i5 6200U (I believe it’s the name) with 4gb ram. And it hits 80% easily with what I do. Actually i need my tablet like PC for special purposes for research and evaluation of videos and pdf together on some word or note and 4 Gb is fine bit if I don’t want to close my work and open a new desktop simultaneously for entertainment. It hits above 80 easily. I guess no issue. But idk how 4gb will last in future. Coz I ain’t gonna buy a new on in 5 years if it survives.

Remember that the three initial specs are just that for the IGG offer.

Other specs may become available once production ramps up

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If I remember right, it was mentioned that this will not be the case. That was the reason there will be no 1tb version.

The reason why they make it 4GB instead of 8GB is very simple. They don’t want you buying one! And if you do they want you to regret it and upgrade in a year or two. Truth be told Surface or XPS or Spectre are all premium devices that have a high bill of materials and R&D costs, so it costs more to make them. Add to that all the costs of distribution and service channels and you can see how the OEMs barely if at all make any profit on all those low spec models. And they are not there to please you or make your life better, they are there to make money, so it makes perfect business sense to lure in customers in with lower starting prices and upsell them on a more profitable model like SP i5 8GB 256GB. And lower starting price is the exact logic why SP excludes keyboard and now the pen too!

I do think so , because I work on 4gig with i5 (not mine , just for test) and it didn’t even take load of heavy duty browsing, no games will run … for sure

yeah, just enough open tabs in Edge and maybe Word can load it up pretty fast