Secure computer recycling

As some of us wait eagerly for our new eve V to arrive we look at our old laptops, tablets etc and consider how to get rid of them. Anyone with experience or recommendations? , I believe some government councils in the UK offer this service but not in my location.

If the computer is still in working condition, you could always see if a friend or somebody would have a use for it, or perhaps you could find an interesting use for it yourself. I don’t see much sense in trying to find a computer recycling center if the device is still functioning properly and still relatively new (ie didn’t come with Windows XP).


I’ve got a few some are just parts others are very temperamental.


Find your recycler…

Unfortunately these are not well represented in the UK

In addition to what @Jamil_Stafford mentioned, if it’s still in working condition you can probably get something for it on a site like gazelle that buys electronics. Or there’s always craigslist

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