Second monitor died.

So it happend again. I don’t know why, but it seems like that something doesn’t want me to have fun with my spectrum…
So here’s the mail I sent to support - I’m awake for more than 18 hours now and I’m quite pissed - so please forgive me if there’s something not clear.

Maybe somebody here got a tip or something - thanks in advance.


So sadly I have to contact you again. I guess whatever happend the last time did happen again just now.

I was using the monitor normally, everything did work just fine - i locked my account (windows user) and turned off the monitor via it’s power button when i heard kind of an (i don’t know how to describe it better) electric noise.

The monitor does not turn on anymore.

I unplugged it, waited some minutes and plugged it back in - still nothing.

No light, no backlight on the screen nor any electric sound (you could hear the monitor if you got close to it). It’s dead. Again.

It was connected via USB-C to my laptop.

Btw. After the last broke down - i contacted Lenovo to confirm it had absolutely nothing to do with the laptop - they confirmed that the laptop and it’s usb-c port were fully working as designed.

My laptop (which is still working as expected) is a 2021 Lenovo IdeaPad 5 Pro (16ACH6 - 82L2).

What are we going to do now?



Hi there,

Sorry to hear that you are facing this issue with Spectrum. This seems like a hardware failure, so you will have to reach support for this (which you already did).


Yeah it does sound like that :confused:
But i want to know why - if it gets repaired, i don’t want this to happen again. But i have the feeling that it would - I mean it’s the second time with the same failure (at least that’s how it seems like for me).

Hi there,

Mind sharing more about your setup? Like, what do you have connected with your Spectrum? You said the second monitor, so initially, you had two Spectrum? or did you mean you had a replacement already before?

Another thing that you might want to check can be the voltage situation in your place, maybe there is something that causes it to be unstable. It seems very odd that a similar issue occurs on both of your units. Or maybe the room temperature is too hot, which can affect the long-term use of the units.

So it was connected via USB-C to the laptop. To the monitor itself there is a usb-c to lan adapter, an Xbox dongle and my Logitech usb-receiver connected.

Sadly not, that already was a replacement monitor. And it’s the reason why I contacted Lenovo - to confirm it had nothing to do with the laptop. (It’s usb-c port is working just fine, like everything else that was connected to my spectrum)

Regarding power and temperature - nothing i have to worry about here in Germany. Power is always stable and the temperatures are pretty mild currently :thinking: and the monitor was just like three months old.

Hi there,

Hmm I see. Honestly, I can’t think of anything really that might be the cause of the issue. You can also drop me your ticket/order number via DM so I can give a heads up to the team about your support mail.

Well the only thing I can think of is PD.
Something with USB PD, the way it sounded like gave me the feel that there was a bit of power involved. But i have no idea why it would just die. And especially two times when there’s nothing “obviously” faulty.

Maybe this is something somebody with more knowledge of spectrum’s Motherboard should look into?
I mean I guess I have to send it to you anyway - so maybe there’s a way you or your colleagues can pass it’s board to someone with said knowledge? :smiley:

Hi there,

For sure. I will bring it up to the team.

I suspect something to do with power as well. But with that being said, did you manage to try using a different video connection other than USB-C?

Yeah i tried them before (HDMI) and it worked, but i was limited to 60fps (because my laptop only supports an older standard)- but now I can’t, monitor isn’t doing anything.

Okay, so quick update:

I called Amazon to check if there are any known issues with the USB-C Cable I bought.
That’s not the case - no known issues here.

And I called Lenovo (Manufacturer of the Laptop I use) to check if there could be anything wrong with it or if theres something they know what could’ve gone wrong - but again: Nothing wrong here.

So it’s definitely something wrong with Spectrums USB-Hub or with the USB-C / Power Delivery part. My Laptop, it’s USB Ports and the Cable are working like nothing happened.

The monitor died right when I turned it off with it’s power-button on the back, that’s when you hear the disconnect / connect sounds from Windows.
I suspect that the restart or whatever spectrum is doing with the hub when turning off is the problem.

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Hi there,

It might be possible since something seem to trigger when you pressed the power button.

I have brought this up with the team, along with your ticket number. We will take it from there to find a solution for you :slight_smile:

Did you use the same power brick for both monitors?

It’s the same type yes - but with the replacement I got, i also got a new power brick - which I used with the new monitor.

Besides my laptop and the cable there’s nothing from the old setup I used.

Great, thanks! Hope we/ you guys will discover what went wrong here :relieved:
If you need anything - let me know!

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