Searched for Eve V in YouTube and

Well guys see yourselves :slight_smile:

It even has friend with Thunderbolt :slight_smile:

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we need videos up on youtube. Do upload videos soon as indigogo goes live. Also, on other platforms we have to hold up our voices. For example if a community member posts something, others should like/share/retweet. Only then will we get noticed. Maybe start a conversation on social networks.

Thoughts @Artur @pauliunas ?


I’d like to stay away from “please like this” kind of posting. I don’t even have any social networks accounts. And since this device is meant for tech enthusiasts, I’d rather post on forums :slight_smile:


I didn’t mean “hey, like and share”

More like “this shit is cool” and community going “absolutely!” (if that made any sense :stuck_out_tongue: )