Screen turns to black and white when playing HDR movies on Vlc

The screen turns black and white when playing hdr movies on VLC or through windows and movies.

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Hey, @angelde90 - welcome to the community!

Are you running Windows 10 or Windows 11? Also, which GPU do you have, which driver for the GPU is installed, and which firmware is currently on your Spectrum (OSD → Information panel)?

Thanks, I’m running windows 10 on an Nvidia RTX 3090. My current Nvidia Driver is Studio 511.09. The Spectrum Monitor is currently running Firmware version 102, but I have also tested on 104 and received the same result. It only happens when I go full screen. The second I do the screen seems to go blank for a second as if it’s changing resolution settings and when it comes back it’s black and white. Playing HDR content on Netflix doesn’t seem to affect the monitor.

After further testing Direct3D11 video output seems to be the culprit in the vlc setting’s.

There was a known issue on firmware versions before 105 where HDR input could turn black and white. It should now be fixed in the firmware below.

This firmware is relatively stable. Firmware version 106 is also being worked on and should hopefully be released before too long.

Im having a black and white problem too. Just as you state, my game is turning black and white when HDR is on. you mention here that firmware 105 is out but i only see 104. am i checking the wrong spot?

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Have a look at the thread I linked in the comment above. The 105 firmware can be downloaded from there.

I’m not sure why the Download section on the website hasn’t been updated yet.


I should have clicked there, thanks, hopefully they update it on the download page for others but ill install it after work today.

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We’re working on it - the web dev team was … recalcitrant.

I really believe that v106 will be released before the website gets updated, but no, I’m not taking that bet. It will be up there soon, I hope.