Screen turns black on PS5


Whenever I switch games on PS5 the screen turns black for 5-10 seconds before going back to normal. I’ve updated the firmware to the latest version which hasn’t made a difference, I’ve also tried different cables and I get the same issue. What can I do to try and remedy this?

Thank you

Hey @Jaskaran_Sandhu,

I’m fairly sure this is actually the PS5 changing video settings that causes this. The PlayStation menu default runs at 60hz if you have all the appropriate settings enabled when you load up a game with that can output 120hz the PS5 changes the video output settings to 120hz, which results in the temporary black screen; this is the same for closing the game down.

Switching games I believe causes the same thing, because it 1st closes the game which would change the video output then loading the new game would also change the video output if necessary.

This is similar to if you are using a Windows PC, and are changing the display settings the screen will go black for a short period while these changes are made.

This is my understanding of how this works anyway.

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I wonder why changing refresh rate cannot be done immediately without black screen, given that in VRR mode, refresh rate effectively changes immediately.

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Unless the PS5 as updated recently, I don’t believe the PS5 currently supports VRR. To my knowledge this is a feature Sony is going to be implement in a future firmware update.


My point is not about VRR itself, but about that if immediate refresh-rate switching is possible in VRR mode, it should be technically possible for the monitor to switch immediately when switching (in regular, non-VRR mode) between two video modes that are only different by refresh rate.


It seems probable that it’s related to HDCP detection and negotiation. VRR doesn’t cause a HDCP renegotiation, whereas resetting the video mode does.

However, that doesn’t explain why it takes several seconds to complete when most monitors and TVs only take a second or two.


If that’s the reason, a monitor option for disabling HDCP would probably be useful for the purpose of removing the delay. Specifically in case of PS5, I suspect the console should work fine without HDCP as long as the console is used for playing games and not watching movies.


I confess - I neither have a PS5 nor understand, really, the nuances of VRR and such.

That being said, would it be worthwhile to see if disabling (and then re-enabling) VRR on the Spectrum when connected to a PS5 makes any difference?

From reading this excellent discussion, I’m inclined to say “No, because that is what locks the refresh rate in the first place.” However, at least one user elsewhere reported that … AdaptiveSync (on DP connections) was not working until it was disabled and then re-enabled.

Just a thought. I suspect not, as @ReignDespair mentioned above that it is not supported at all on the PS5 … but it can’t hurt to try, right?

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Thank you for all the replies. It seems this is an issue specific to the PS5 as I believe the Xbox Series X does support VRR. Hopefully Sony adds this soon as they were very slow to add 4k 120hz to some of their TVs!