Screen turns black and white, Screen going black for a second or two


I am loving the monitors so far but I have noticed two issues recently:

My screen is going black and white when I turn on HDR on some games. This is new and nothing seems to fix it.

secondly, the screens black out all the time for a second or two but its still frustrating. This has been happening for me since day one.

Are there any fixes for these?


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Hey, Matt,

We’ll need a bit more information. What device(s) are you using with the Spectrum? Also, if PC / Laptop, can you detail the GPU(s) being used?
What firmware is currently installed on your Spectrum?


Im using the 4k 144z monitors, 2 of them for my PC. My PC has a Zotac 3080TI. The current firmware that i am using is 104 since that is what was on the download page, I checked the other day.

I also commented on another post and someone sent a link to firmware 105 so ill update to that later but again, i did not know about this since its not on the download page yet.

Thanks for getting back to me @nkyadav


You could try 105 and still go back to 104 if 105 doesn’t work for you at all, so no problem there.
I’ve been running 105 and quite some AMD problems seems to be fixed.
Maybe it fixes some NVidia problems too.


Resolved issue where color HDR signals were displayed in black and white


Just want to close this thread incase others are looking for help.

I downloaded 105 like @Zodiac09 told me to try. The game I was having a problem with worked right away. I also did not see any instances where my screen went black for a second or too. This seemed to fix both of my issues but only time will tell.

Thanks for the help.