Screen protection

??? glossy IS reflective, isn’t it? Did you mean to write, “get the matte version they have” ??


I seriously wonder if one needs any “protection”, aren’t films more subject to be scratched than gorilla glass??
I only got matte “screen protectors” on my other devices because of their glossiness, I use many of the devices in sunlight.
So, I hope hope hope that the V is not as reflective (coating) so that I do not need any “screen protector”…

As for falling, how can a film on the screen protect it from breaking? Serious question, not rhetoric…

Thanks for pointing out, was of course meaning matte. :upside_down_face:

I’m not sure how effective it would be on a big screen like the V’s but I have a 9H Tempered Glass screen on my Galaxy Note8… I had it on my bed with me and when I threw the blanket off, the phone went flying to the floor… the tempered glass broke, but the screen was pristine with not even a scratch. I’m now a believer.

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Thanks for the feedback and pictures @Henrik. I’m not keen on the gap (I guess it’s not made for the Eve V after all), so I think I’ll keep looking. I’ve got the OEM screen protector on my machine for the time being.

For any of your looking at taobao for screen protectors, I just tried one of those claimed “鋼化保護膜” , and they gave me a random regular protector, not even sure if its the right size. But if you tried and find a good one, please share😅

I would have thought that if Dell or others are using the same Sharp screen, then there would be a screen protector that would fit the Eve V just as easily since the screens are the same size.

Can anyone confirm if this the one we got by default on our Vs?

But I thought that Brotect Glass protector was specifically made/marketed for the Eve V as specified in their website. No?

Yep… and its rubbish. It’s made of plastic not tempered glass. This means… the screen protector will be scratched by keys and coins and the V sceen won’t get scratched even without the protector. Basically what im saying is the the defult screen protector has little to no advantages… i really considering getting a tempered glass MS SP2017 screen protector…

I am using one thats for macbook I think (it is glass with some sort of anti-fingerprint property, though its not the thickest type.), it has no holes on it, so even the camera is covered…but will keep looking for a better one.
But it already feels smoother running the pen on it(i draw and sketch a lot so thats an improvement)

Okay, so I said in a few other threads that I broke my V’s screen recently, and I finally have an answer from support about the repairs.

Cost is $380 and Time is 45-60 days (maximum)

Lesson learned: Buy a screen protector.

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I don’t know why everyone doesn’t just do this. thats the entire reason i bought win10 pro on my V!

i carry around my 16 core desktop setup and remote into my V at home using windows remote desktop - better performance in general and i’ll never drop my V.


Painful as it is, would you be able to give a few more details about how the machine was dropped? Did it land on the screen or the edge? How far was it dropped? And what surface did it land on? And how cracked is it? I remember that Eve did some drop tests on the machine and it seemed pretty sturdy.

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Face-down drop on ceramic tiles. I’ll take pics and edit this post when I get home.

I remember those drop tests - they dropped the V from the height of one meter, and let it land flat on its face I think.

That’s literally the best case scenario - if it landed even it bit off angle the pressure on any edge would be enough to fracture the screen - which means any real world scenario of someone dropping their V

I would take it as an indication that the glass isn’t tissue paper than a general strength test.

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I’ve just received the matte version (not glass) and I have to say it is much better than the one I had applyed before (the screen protector I found in the box with the V)20180414_12313820180414_123051


that is nice and seems to fit perfectly too

How did you order it? I checked the site and I don’t see it listed under accessories (and there’s no buy button anywhere)