Screen protection

Dear Community,

I am looking to buy a screen protector for my V.
I am afraid to scratch the screen with thee pen.

I have found several vendors and I place my choice on this one :

Do you have some advice about this product? Do you have other proposal.


Here is the first result for the query “screen protector” on the community and it’s full of information about what you are looking for.

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Dear Fabio,
Thank a lot for this post

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Dear All,

I bought my screen protector on Amazon.
Model : IVolver for Surface pro 4_ 10,8euros
Result : Perfect
I recommand

I brought this but no V onhand to justify my purchase :persevere:

I just put on the SP4 glass screen protector from OMOTON. It has a large notch in the top center where the camera is located.

So far it seems to working well (after 1/2 day). My screen was showing were and tear. I think because of the keyboard (when closed).


is the screen “glossier” than it has been without?

Yes I would say it is glossier. Not the best look but I needed to add a screen protector.

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thank you, that means for me I cannot purchase it. I really wonder what to get in order to protect hte screen AND not make it glossier but not ruin it by using a matte one.
I have matte protectors on all my glossy devices in order to use them outside, but they are not anti glare so …
Maybe I’ll just stay with the original without putting anything on it…

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I hear ya. I will keep paying attention to see if someone finds the perfect protector for V screen.


I just bought those two packs, one for me one for my partner who likes better a matte finish.
Doesn’t fit 100% the screen size like the one received with the V but is still quite good

Hope it helps someone :slight_smile:

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I noticed these on ebay. I’ve ordered the Matte version, though they have glossy too. Once I have both V and the protectors will post some pics…

Link to the Brotect Glass version (from Ebay)

Anyone happen to have this?

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I think that’s the one in the other thread: First Impressions of Screen Protector Only - #25 by Matsleight

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Just ordered the Surface Pro 4 Screen Protector - OMOTON today… hoping it’s as good as the reviews say :eyes:

Guys I noticed that there are some tempered glass screen protectors on taobao for our Vs. Can anyone from HK or China check them out and give a review? Considering that they are only about 50rmb, it should be worth it to take a look!

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Haha, that’s an indication that v is becoming mainstream!:rofl:
Or that some insider from the factory sees a business opportunity.

But the protector that comes with my v reallly sucks, one day and its already looking worse than all my other screens, I’m afraid to even use the v pen now

I seem to have had the same issue as a bunch of us in our community with the bubbling of the included screen protector, so I’m looking for an alternative.

I tried looking for the Ivoler VGuard that’s pictured above in the post by @Luffy38 , but it’s not available anymore. For those of you who have bought the Brotect protectors, how would you rate them? Are they the right fit? Quality observations? Would love to hear your thoughts.

Also, if you’ve tried something else, and are happy with it, please let me know.



When I get my screen repaired (If it can be…) I am definitely getting myself a screen protector… I am too paranoid now ;-;

I got the Brotect glass protector and I’m happy with it, only thing is that it’s a small gap on all sides (1-2mm or something). If you don’t want the screen to be so reflective go for the matte version they have.

Got a big gap at the bottom because I put it on all in the top, but I don’t care. Keyboard is there most of the time.



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