Screen goes “washed out” during Halo Infinity gameplay

Kicked off the Halo Infinity campaign on PC tonight. Twice, both after 10-20 minutes gameplay, the beautiful 4K picture goes black for a second and comes back very “washed out”, like the saturation has been turned down and/or HDR mode has switched off. Has never happened in any other game nor in sustained desktop use.

If I turn the monitor off and on again, the screen is black for 10-ish seconds and then comes back in full-colour glory, so it’s not a game issue.

I can also confirm that this is an issue I’ve experienced with Halo Infinite. I’ve also seen this happen on Warzone, although less frequently. For me, I typically pop open Display Settings and toggle HDR back and forth.

Since this happens so frequently with Halo, I don’t even use HDR anymore.

3080TI if it matters.

how do you disable HDR? is this in windows or on the monitor itself?

Also having this exact issue since 1.4 update. In fact at this point I just wish I could go back to the shipped fw.

Hi @sunbeam60,

This seems to be an HDR issue.

Are you still having the same problems or has it been resolved?

Hi @Soulplayer,

This is HDR through windows.

Hi @Martsmac,

You are able to go roll back, please see topic below.