Screen doesn’t turn on from sleep

Does anyone have the issue where the screen doesn’t wake up after their MacBook goes to sleep? I try everything from unplugging it to removing the usb-c connection to the laptop and it still doesn’t turn on. What’s weird is my MacBook is recognizing the monitor in display settings. Just the screen isn’t turning on no matter what I do. I have another BenQ monitor hooked up and that turns on just fine. It’s really frustrating and would appreciate any help.

It’s connected via apple’s thunderbolt 3 cable. MacBook Pro 14inch M1 pro.

nvm, m1 pro, I’m blind :smiley:

But try to connect only the spectrum and check if this works.

Just tried it and it’s the same issue :frowning: I don’t even know how to get it turn back on now haha. I’ve replugged it in, turned the power off on the spectrum and restarted my MacBook and it’s still not turning back on. Then randomly it’ll start working again. Don’t really understand it

Do you have another cable sitting around?
This sounds pretty wired :sweat_smile:
Which firmware is the monitor on ?

Switch USB C bandwidth priority to data and check if it worked? You will get 4K 60. I think it’s because the issue with 4K 144hz in MacOS Monterey


Thanks for that. This seems to work! But it’s a shame because the whole reason I got the spectrum was for 144hz