screen cut - hdr buzz sound

hi there, i got mine 3 days ago, so far no big issues,but:

when I turn HDR on, the Monitor makes a buzz noise/sound. is this normal?
I get time to time a screen cut.


should i try to install the new firmware?

I suggest downloading firmware 104.
In case firmware 104 made things worse. You can rollback to firmware 102 with this Safely rolling back to 102R875 from (


Did it work for you? I have similar issue but much worse and downgrading did not fix it.

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Firmware 104 fixed the HDR coil whine for me, it is working no problem now with both my Windows 11 PC (RTX 3070) and my work laptop (Intel i9 MBP).


Sry for the late reply … this “screen cut” didn’t appear again … I think it was related to the older game I was “tabbing out” while playing …

I also didn’t download the 104 firmware.
So far I don’t really use HDR … I will wait til the firmware is getting better and see if “HDR coil” disappear

hi … same “screen cut” or “HDR coil” ?

Screen cut. Sorry for late reply.