Screen Calibration not working?

Hey @Team,

just recieved my V and am trying some things.
I opened calman software and switched between “Bypass - Uncalibrated” setting and “Standard” but I dont see any difference…

Is there a Problem with my calibration files?

Best regards

It might be that your screen isn’t that far off from being calibrated out of the box.

But I’d ask a few other people to look at it, as I know some people have a hard time seeing differences. Get some images that are vivid and detailed if you can to check it out

Does the calman popup show on boot?

Hey, Calman shows up during boot, but switching profiles in calman doesnt change anything I think.

I can see clear change in screen when switching the calibrations

The first time I booted the V the calibration was clearly not working or wasn’t loaded.

For me there is 0 change.
How are your profiles named?
I have “Bypass - uncalibrated” and “Standard”

Same here with the names.

Very strange. For me switching between both settings doesnt change anything at all… maybe my screen is perfect from factory or they didnt calibrate it…

do post some before/after pictures, maybe we can see the difference for you :slight_smile:
(make sure to tap on the same spot so the camera gets the same exposure)

Hehe believe me. There is exactly 0 difference between uncalibrated and calibrated … I have a very good eye and checked with different pictures in the background.

Maybe one of you could attach their calibration files so I can try them? Maybe there is a bug in CALMAN and it doesnt apply the settings.

And dont worry the first thing I did was to backup the original file to G-Drive already. :slight_smile:

might not be possible to try other’s calibration files, since IIRC it’s locked to that specific windows version.

But, no harm trying, let’s see if you can find a generous donor.

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