Saying hello from Australia

Morning all. I’m Graeme from Australia. I did have a Surface Pro 3 which has just died (well, I killed it by mistake!) and was looking for a replacement, Comparing SP4 against others when I came across this site. Really looking forward to this tablet being available, battery life and no bloatware are very impressive.
All the best.



Welcome to the!


Me too! As in, I’m a fellow Aussie as well. From Sydney, in fact.

I have owned and still use many computing gadgets covering many ecosystems, so I would probably classify myself as a tech enthusiast. On a typical day I would be carrying two smartphones (Android & iPhone), two laptops (one work, one personal), a tablet (iPad) and a portable gaming device (PS Vita)!

I agree with Graeme (and probably most of the community here!) about the V boasting impressive battery life, no bloatware and superior quality. I would love to replace my personal laptop and tablet (and maybe even the portable gaming device) with the V.

Can’t wait! :slight_smile:

Good Morning from Perth.

I am a Toshiba Kira and Surface user.

Looking forward to my Eve V i7 and take it travelling with me.

Can’t wait, though I’m more than happy to be patient until it arrives.

Keep up the good work guys.

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Hi! Welcome to the eve family! The V will be available sooner than you xpect

Did I missed something or is estimated delivery for Hyper Early Bird still April?

OOPS! Thanks Mr Policeman.

Shouldn’t this comment go to the HK meeting thread? :wink:

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