Satisfied V users, assemble!

With quite a few dissatisfied users so far reporting broken screens and boxes, BIOS problems and misaligned keys in the keyboards recently, I would like to see how many of the people who received their devices are actually satisfied. Kinda trying to kill anxiety after the flash sales and rekindle the enthusiasm.

Also, when do you think I can expect a reply to my email @Smirdex? I know you got much on your plate right now, but I was told I would be contacted by the end of last week, and yet I still have no idea how to tweak my order. I know I might be a pain in the rectum, but I’d really rather not end up with the upgrade just because I didn’t follow-up and you guys forgot about my trigger-happy ass :persevere:


Happy User Red!

Just kidding, but I’m happy with my V - my keys were slightly stuck (n,m) but it got much better after typing on it regularly :slight_smile:


I’m really satisfied with my V. I now have a functioning fingerprint scanner, an ø key and a non-removable kickstand. Life is great.


Where’s the poll, where I can click once to agree, without writing anything?


You could have made one. But as you didn’t I’ll do it here:

Are you satisfied with the V?

  • Yes
  • Yep

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Two yeses because this is only to express satisfaction and Discourse won’t let me have only one option.


Just to add some counterweight against negative reviews. :smile:


Nice thread! Like with many review sites, there is a tendency to write a review only if you have a problem.

Great idea! :smiley:


Hi @Rzabadabadoo matey!

Apologies if I missed your email, not to find excuses but…swamped over my head making sure EVEryone is happy :). Please send me a PM either here or to to check on what the request was?

It may also be that Ricky McRickface is already on your ticket :)! Apologies for the sluggy replies!

Best from Veli!


C’mon lads, team YEP for the victory!


Really satisfied with mine!!! :heart:


This thread is a very good idea. I also dont want to read to much negative feedback. We all know 1 good feedback comes on 10 bad ones due to the fact that normally the happy user dont raise their voice.

I tested 2 prototypes of V before and the final V I5 reached me last week as an HEB (compare my prototype experience topic in the forum).
Overall I am happy with my V also seeing a lot of improvements from the earlier prototypes up to the final one. Eg. Keyboard, sound problems, Fingerprint button, stable frame around the camera…

There are improvements needed for software and maybe iterations for some HW for next V version as well, buts here is not the place to discuss that stuff.


No complaints here after over a month of use! Previous 2-in-1 was a SP4, this works just as well for my applications, even Creo Parametric CAD!


Totally love my V :revolving_hearts:
Learning and note taking is (mostly) a pleasure, V made me far more productive.


Are you taking notes for university or something like that?

Also using your pen?

Yep, that’s what I’m using it for.


Do you have some kind of problems ?

I read on a few other threads that there a problems with the palm rejection/ wiriting in general after a time.

Yes, it’s not perfect yet. I’m using mostly Xodo and one note. The former seems to have more problems than the latter, so I’m not totally sure about the effects of a (hopefully soon) driver update.
That being said - when the pen input starts to deteriorate, I just have to hit save in Xodo and it gets better again. No exiting the app or document, that would be really bad.


Ok, at least it’s certain that it’s an software issue in that case.

How is OneNote working for you ?

Seems to be a little better, but I’m not using the pen in OneNote so much tbh.

I should elaborate, that part of my productivity increase is thanks to the Vs silence in combination with its awesome screen and battery life. I can know lie in bed between my wife and the little one and read up on stuff without disturbing anyone and having a blast while doing so.

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Extremely satisfied, I read a lot of the negative experiences and was a bit concerned about mine, however when I received it last week everything was as expected or better! i’ve been playing around for a week, and I couldnt be happier with my decision!