Samsung PM981 review by AnandTech

Since the 1TB drive was changed to Samsung PM981 recently, and I came across this just now, I’ll just post this here. Looks like those taking the capacity upgrade will end up with a very nice SSD indeed.

AnandTech PM981 review


tom’s harware review from earlier today:


Soon! I hope!


according to the review, it supports hardware encryption :smiley:

AES 256-bit TCG Opal

Now I envy that upgrade more than ever before.


Me too. Question is how it is going to work with V - as we know previous 1 TB SSD had a lots of limitations when working with V.

Agreed. It was a tough choice having to decide on the upgrade without knowing the power consumption and trying to figure out why it wasn’t performing up to specs…that worry is for naught! I’m hopeful that this is going to be great and am excited at the prospects, but I’m really looking forward to the testing data to back it up! The reviews really look amazing.

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I’m pretty sure that Konstantinos stated in the update that told us about the SSD change that it performed slightly better and used slightly less power than the 1TB SSD they had planned on using.

Trust is important, so is validating and getting proof.
In this case, we get both trust and proof. All the better.

As I can recall he wrote that by specifications it should … that was similar issue with previous 1 TB SSD too.

I didn’t have time earlier to go back and read the update but here it is in case you haven’t already read it.

Based on the fact that the previous 1TB SSD was performing as good or better than the 512Gb SSD (despite the fact that it wasn’t reaching it’s full potential), it seems like everything is looking good at this point.


Thanks for update.


Nice! I didn’t remember that it had been tested in the V. Thanks!