Samsung Galaxy Book

Hi Community!
I just watched the release of the new Samsung Galaxy book. I am sure someone of you watched it too.
What do you think about it?


It sounds quite expensive to me. 1499€ was what I have read , for the i5 (Y) and 8GB RAM.
I like the tablet part, looks quite sleek to me. However , I don’t the like folded keyboard design. So yeah, not really a Surface / Eve competition imho.


The bigger one has an i5 (u). The smaller one a m3.
But yes, you are right. 8 GB (for the biggest version) are just to small!
But I think the price is OK… 1200 for the bigger version (12") includes the keyboard and pen.

Here’s how it fares compared to our V, in my opinion:

  1. Bloatware
  2. Lower capacity battery
  3. ZERO USB A ports. Instantly out of my wishlist.
  4. No kickstand, keyboard hinge only provides 3 angles.
  5. Keyboard isn’t wireless, doesn’t have multi-color backlight and isn’t made of a premium material (cough, Alcantara, cough)
  6. No fingerprint sensor
  7. Nothing mentioned about audio, while we have quad speakers and a dedicated TI Amp
  8. No Thunderbolt 3 port
  9. No 16GB RAM or 512GB storage option (might not have been announced)
  10. 4GB RAM on base models. What year is it again?
  11. Definitely more expensive

TL;DR: I’d totally get a V over this, anyday.
Unless you want a device that sacrifices a lot for thickness.


There is no such thing as “dedicated” amp, please stop using this terminology :wink: Thanks

Still miles ahead of what other OEMs use. What term do you suggest? Need to make it marketable for the masses, don’t we? :wink:

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Well, then why don’t we use other non-existing terms like “UFO technology” :smile: I suggest just calling it a TI amp, maybe add something like “premium” or “hi-fi” with it. At least these words are subjective, so they can be used in marketing without making it sound weird and showing that someone doesn’t fully know what they’re talking about :wink:

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Your advice has been taken and will be applied the next time I try to annihilate the V’s competition :wink:


It has GPS and GLONASS.
It has AMOLED.

But it is Samsung and therefore not on my wishlist.


Compared to the V?! It’s mediocre, especially the “No hinge” thing


Wow, that’s aggressive…

Samsung thinks they’re Apple :yum:

Looks like 2017 is the year for 2-in-1 tablets…

I can’t wait to see how Microsoft’s going to respond…
But in any way, Microsoft is not losing.

I don’t understand this though :joy:

Because everything on the V is apparently dedicated to the V?

Or does amps have no dedication :joy:

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The former one :wink:
All audio amps are created with the sole purpose of amplifying audio… So they’re kind of all “dedicated”.

#1 reason, Samsung Battery.
Anyone still interested?


Since Samsung is one of the leading manufacturers of batteries in the world and generally chosen by device manufacturers for their high battery quality… yes.

They had an issue with the Note. Huzzah. One failed product does not make their entire catalog of products bad. Microsoft made Windows Me. So now we should never buy a V because MS supplies its operating system?

You’ll lose out on a lot of good products if you generalise all of a manufacturer’s goods because of a knee-jerk reaction to a single failed product…


Microsoft wants manufacturers to build 2-in-1s. They stated repeatedly that their products are high-quality references for what can be done and other manufactures should pick that up and build their own ideas around it. That’s also why they were so eager to help the Eve team with the V, I guess. And they definitely won’t lose with that. People, who want the pure premium Surface feeling will get one (or soon a V - so much crawling… :grin:) anyways and others who want something similar while maybe a bit different or cheaper or whatever will get a device for which Microsoft didn’t have to pay anything in development/production/etc., but will still put it’s software on and will earn money by that. It’s kind of a win-win actually. The main ideas and research costs are with Microsoft and the manufacturers now have a new market (with many options to go premium) and earn more money while Microsoft gets its share in more or less every part of it.

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I’m assuming you are do not own a note, nor were you worried that your phone might blow up while you are driving or your kid was playing with it. Try going HUZZAH after you get burn. Consumer confidence is not something you buy easy. Yes ME was horrible, Vista was not far off from it. BUT, it does not EXPLODE. What was the first thing about product design? Safety maybe? Samsung admitted they by passed safety inspection and rush the product out the door.

I own many of Samsung’s product, and still do own one of the samsung 2016 flagship tv. I even had to have my washer replace because of faulty design. I also own the S3, S5, and the faulty Note. Mistakes happen, i get that, however, the business model was unimpressive. It took them how long to admit it was the battery problem even with all evidence pointed at it.

Samsung is pushing out Galaxy Book and the new Tablet at the same time. Right now both seemed mediocre to say the least.


Samsung calling it Galaxy Book seems to be outright confusing for the journalists who think this device is meant to go after Surface Book… In reality it is the upgraded Tab Pro S from the last year. I had the chance to review that last year’s version and came quite impressed, but only with the tablet part. The things that really killed it for me though were the cheaply made keyboard/touchpad, tiny sound and lack of kickstand. The LCD screen on SP4 was also subjectively better and brighter. This year model seems to improve on a few of those shortcomings, but the major drawbacks are still there. At least this time around the keyboard is backlit in device this expensive… We are yet to see the pricing. Hopefully Samsung didn’t confuse themselves in thinking this thing is going after Surface Book and priced it as one LOL :joy::joy::joy:

Windows Me didn’t burn down any houses :wink:

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It burned eyes and patience :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Seriously though, if that one mistake causes serious damage to your life and can burn your house, I think it’s fair to stay away from that manufacturer for at least a couple of years. To see how it goes. Especially when they issued a second, “fixed” batch that was just as bad… If a company is “brave” enough to assure you they fixed something dangerious and then you find out that they haven’t fixed anything, how can you still trust them?

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