Running android apps on the V

Hi, still waiting for my i5 16gb eve V…

I was wondering if anyone has android apps running on Eve V (or other machine)?

What do you use? Any android emulator running on Eve tablet? Suggestion?

Is it better to dualboot with an android Os like… blissOS or Remix Os?

Some Android emulators can be a bit glitchy, but useful because you don’t have to reboot to switch.

Dual booting tends to work pretty well though, but both are easy enough to try out.

I personally use AMIDuOS which offers a complete android interface. There are some glitches here and there, but it serves it’s purpose for reasonably cheap.


That may allow some nice Chromecast streaming with android apps as it works best with android OS and apps.
Haven´t been able to make to work the Win10 with Chromecast, except that limitation to use Chrome Browser.

Thank you for the suggestion.

What other alternative emulators can be suggested?

NoxPlayer and MEmu Player are well regarded.
No need to reboot. Should run well within in a window.


I would go with the emulator option.

Thanks, I will try these emulator you talk about.
Presently testing NOX!

I dont understand… Why do you want to run android apps on the v? Gaming? I have had chrome on win10 on my old laptop and it always run with my chromecast…

Yes to run android games

hi, any recommendations for android emulators? i have an old win10 tablet on which i want to run some android apps. some emulators didn‘t run, others are full of ads and preinstalled games

Do u have your V?
With win10pro?
The just run android in hyper V

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the V is not for running android apps, its windows10 predecessor has to do this job :wink:

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Similar to what @tld8102 suggested, I would reccomend running Android x86 in a virtual machine. If you don’t have Windows 10 Pro on your other tablet, you can probably install Virtual Box or VM Ware.

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sadly my old tablet is too old and doesn’t have enough performance to run android x86 on virtualbox :frowning:

With several of the android emulators I had tested that actually burned through the CPU much more than the virtual machine did, while running worse. Unfortunately there hasn’t been much of a push for Android on Windows, though I really wish there was.

If only Google could make it so that all play store apps will run inside of Chrome? That would be really awesome.