Rugged Cases for the Eve V

Hola folks, anybody found any usable rugged style cases for their V yet? I did a bit of googling and didnt find much, but i think that maybe a Surface Pro 4 case may fit? Has anyone attempted this yet?

Or better yet, would Eve be up for making an otter box like hard protective case for the V? something to the likes of …
Surface Pro 4 Otter Box

unfortunately i do not have a V yet, so i am trying to keep myself distracted with looking for shiny objects while i patiently wait for my V to be shipped. :wink:

UPDATE: per using a SP4 case…
Thanks to @Lukas_Fikr looks like SP 4 cases wont fit. the search for a protective case continues…

I wouldn’t buy anything for it before it arrives lol. I have a d-brand skin sat gathering dust. 50/50 whether it ever gets used or gets donated to the d-brand museum in 50 years.

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I feel you on that. I was just planning on window shopping for now.

SP4 is slightly smaller than V!!! Careful!

No - it does not fit. Tested.


@Lukas_Fikr are you currently using a case then if you have tested the SP4 one? If so which one are you using?

I tested (from my colleagues in company) - UAG, OtterBox, I-Bason Armorbox, MoKo Rugged, and couple others - they do not fit for V.

Not using any case just sleeve.

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Cheers for the info @Lukas_Fikr. I updated the top thread. Hopefully someone will come out with a case for the V. I like my gear to be well protected!

I cutted a “Incipio rugged case” of my old SP3 to make it fit to the V. works quite well for some use cases, but the ports and the camera don’t fit…

Right. If i have time I’ll go print a protective case for my V. Any suggestions on how it should look?

like chuck norris roundhouse kicking Mr. T in the face tough!

Anything new here? Cause I’m looking for some kind of case to take my V outside and look at plans on-site. Needn’t be too ruggedized, but a neck strap would be nice so I won’t drop it inadvertently.

read the posts, email me if you want to buy rugged case from me.

I saw your construction, and I appreciate the effort. However it is not what I am looking for. I need something that covers all except the screen, has a neck strap, and i don’t need the kickstand to be operable while in the case.

Just received my V and went hunting for cases. With all the amazing work you have done, will happily donate for all the effort and time spent on the design. It’s phenomenal.
Tried my hand at 3D design for DIN18 lids. Failed spectacularly. Least learnt simple is better.

Suggest maybe kick stand becomes a separate part and include after sorting the mould plastic mix. Have a friend that runs his own injection printer/business and can annoy for tips. They know about temps and exact quantities, etc. Can send an email if still needed?