Riku here: means to an end -guy

I put a short intro already in one of the threads, but here is a bit more.

When it comes to tech devices, I’m a “means to an end” kinda guy.
What does that mean?

It means I want to focus fully on my targets and goals when I do something. Whenever whatever technology is able to assist me on reaching that finish line, great. When technology slows me down, I move away from it and continue to go forward without that specific piece of tech. I don’t necessary stop and consider what is the problem with the tech piece if its easier just to find another to get my things done.

So tech itself has no inherent value in my eyes purely because it exists. I am not deeply interested, or interested at all, if I see that something is of no use for me. That is not to say that I despise or dislike technology which is useful for others, not at all! It’s just not for me, and I let it be.

An example here:
I have a 2-in-1 right now. And hey, the keyboard went out of use (problem with tech). Instead of losing my computer for a long period of time due to repair work, I just found a way to continue. Simply just went with the external keyboard solution. I didn’t let myself to be held down by the fact that I had been sold a lemon.

So hey basically, when life gives me lemons, I just attach a keyboard to it. Literally :wink:

And the caravan rushes onwards…

**So how come I am aboard the Eve train?** Because tech is supposed to allow users to reach their end goals. Tech exists to be a means to an end. And this is only possible if tech is created with the end users in mind. From day one. Till the last day. Constantly with the end users. And lo and behold, Eve offers means to an end: frustrated tech people like all you here are invited to the creation process of greatness with us, and eventually tech users are given the chance to get an astonishing piece of tech which allows them means for productivity, creativity and enjoyment. **This really is the thing we are doing here.**

And I am glad to see you all here :slightly_smiling: