Richard Here! Nice to meet you all!

Hey everyone!

So i’m a little late to this introduction to the forums so i’ll keep it short!

I’m Richard and I live in the UK and i’m 21 years young. I currently am a software developer in c# and HTML / CSS / LESS but can also do some things in SQL and likely if you try me hard enough… C++ (but don’t count on that!).

I got involved with EVE via making YouTube videos, Konsta was kind enough to send me out a device to review and I love it! Technology is in my blood and I wouldn’t change it at all!

In my spare time I seem to be as busy as possible, either out mountain biking or filming car videos / promo videos for my other YouTube channel: Turbo Autos

So if you need some graphic design or websites looking at or just something reviewed in the tech world give me a shout!

I look forward to working with everyone!