Reward myself after 45 years

I started studying IT Sciences as kind of an “early bird” here in Germany in 1970. Worked on and with nearly everything in the business for the needs of a research institut where I spent most of ma life. Coding, Programming, Mainframe, Remote, Plotters, Servers, PrePress, Apple, Statistic and Graphic Packages…

Having retired I decided to give myself kind of “Lifetime Reward” for my working with computers.
And like Oscar Wilde said “Deciding is easy for me: Always the Best!”
So since months I wait impatiently for the webshop to open, to get myself a respectable prong for my crown :slight_smile:


Welcome to the community!

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You’ve made the right choice. Can’t wait for all of us to get our Vs!

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Me neither! I still feel kind of torn between the V and the Lenovo Carbon X1, but feel I would be better served with a fingerprint reader on the power button, and a great community of fellow tech enthusiasts more.