Review the Reviewer!

Dudes…I took time to see few of the reviews “so called professional review” and was disappointed with the REVIEWER themselves, who were given the task to provide their professional feedback, few were flattening outright, few did superficially, few skimmed through it (very fast, which we already know), few went overboard and literary downplayed V capability, and few did do in-depth and provided data that were not making any sense of what they were suggesting, and few just went on and on and on…begging to fast-forward the video…opening this topic to tell us, who from the reviewer (which video) was a balanced one that does not go to two extreme, and covers evualating EVE’s V and that can be used as a video to suggest for honest opinions.


Though it’s not a bad idea to keep an eye on the quality of the reviews, please keep in mind that the team is also working with the reviewers to fix factual errors, or to diagnose cases of unusual behavior. Reviews may be updated at a later date to reflect this!

(Also moved it to #community:media-awareness as that’s the appropriate category for press coverage.)


Agree…not stopping the process to triage the ill convinced evaluation and making sure that they have been given right information for the cause of their observation, which is internal to EVE to manage them.

However, community needs to know the quality of the reviewers.

I would wait for Linus, Lisa Gade and Dave2D

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I think it’s very problematic if reviewers present their personal preferences as facts. I think reviewers have a responsibility and should try to be unbiased and objective. They should

  • guide a reader
  • assume that a reader does not know everything
  • help to enable him tobalance pros and cons and assess the value of featues for himself (not just reading about personal opinions as if they were facts)


  1. Considering i7Y as worse than a U version without actuually discussing pro and conta.

    • Using U version should mean higher power consumption
    • fan noise vs passive cooling
    • not everybody needs the fastest CPU
  2. Descibing the pen just as “worse” while only referring to the less pressure levels or missing tilt support without actually giving examples or use cases.

    • eample: “Pen technology is way behind the curve”
    • for taking notes the 1024 pressure levels are not worse
    • for an actual comparison you would need to explain which tools can actually make use of the tilt support and how exactly it words and what is does
    • example: Does tilt support actually corect the different angles in which I can use a pen in OneNote or other note taking applications?
    • you would need to make pictures of different tables with their pens used in different angles and on different spots on the screen (especially the screen corners) to demonstrate if there is an offset between the pen tip and the cursor and if this can be corrected by tilt support
  3. Just noting the bluetooth functionallity as gimmick/extra without even thinking of possible use cases

    • at least you could try to imagine what other people could do with this
    • at least you could describe if this works without flaws to constantly switch between both modes and how long this takes

That’s it for now. Must say that I’m a bis disappointed from many reviewrs, but well, that’t nothing new, I always want to know everything in every little detail and reviewrs mostly don’t… :wink:

Did anandtech get a review unit?


You shizo, you… :wink:

I read a few bit of reviews myself. I also find some of them superficial and quite unprofessional.

The pen “way behind the curve” while maybe true does not take into account that it’s entirely possible to get the one of the Surface if more sophisticated needs arise.
The comparison between the Y and U processors also is very unfair. Of course Y processors are less performance but that’s because of the power limits: considering how close they are, bumping up the wattage using Intel utilities would have probably shown a different story. Also, I find it ridiculous talking of pure performance in this device: I’m currently completely satisfied developing and playing on a notebook that will be “slightly slower” than the V itself once I get it.

On processor’s side, my only disappointment is that newer devices will sport the new 8th generation processors, meaning that the Eve V will become outdated much sooner… but Eve can’t be blamed for this: Intel was probably just waiting for AMD to release its processors and had the Ryzen been a failure I feel they would have never pushed out such processors (as their margins have lowered for certain by doing so).

My only concern is the speakers right now… but considering the quality of the reviews so far I’ll just judge by myself.


We need Linus Tech Tips! Does @Team know if they are going to do a review? Enthusiasts would appreciate it thanks youuuuu! :crazy_face:

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While I mean if we can barely get our news stories in an objective matter instead of subjetive, I can’t expect reviewers to stay in an objective state while reviewing the item in question.

I have no looked at a review yet but if people complain about things that are factually wrong, then by all means critize the reviewer.

And some more points I dislike in many reviews:


  • Reducing the thunderbolt port to gaming doesn’t do it justice. Reviewers could invest at least 10 minutes to tell a reader what he can do with that Port. Otherwise most uninformed readers will just think that they don’t need that and can’t make an informed decision based on facts.
  • They could tell that you can connect two 4k screens with full 60Hz with a single thunderbolt cable
  • If using USB-C: output image to screen and charge V at the same time with a single USB-C to HDMI/DP cable
  • In the end those two USB-C ports are a big selling point, but readers (audio the not so technically inclined) need to be there to understand what they offer compared to devices like the surface and in which situations that makes a difference

Many reviewers had a surface laying around, but not a single one compared the display of both machines in different lightning conditions. Sure, why would you…

Generally: weighing pro/cons and explaining how they friend on each other

  • You cannot criticize the weight of the keyboard without mentioning the necessary battery for Bluetooth and telling that it wobbles less and is very sturdy
  • The same goes for the weight of the device: if you criticize this, you should tell at the same time that this gives you a bigger battery and that the massive aluminium block is also used for passive cooling, and without it would maybe throttle

This is by the way not specifically a critic of the V reviews, it’s more like a general critic, many reviewers do superficial reviews without much depth.


I have not really paid much attention to the so called reviewers. All I have seen thus far are unboxing and a day or so use of the tablet then they quickly uploaded the reviews to receive as much views as possible. I agree with waiting for a proper review by reviewers who had spent a substantial amount of time with the device before we can come to a conclusion!

Currently my reviewer roster for tech includes LTT, anandtech, D2D, arstechinica, and gsmarena. I pretty much don’t seek out other reviewers. As for notebookcheck, they’re maybe useful for the qualitative stuff, I don’t find them that useful if I want quantitative information.

This is very true. Often times the reviewers write stuff so that it seems it is an objective observation, where in fact it is “merely” an opinionated point of view. This actually (coming to think of it) would seem to qualify as “bad journalism” (they should be objective, right?)

IMO Dave “2d” Lee has a good style, he often uses sentences like “Its not for me personally, but, again, it might feel different for many of you out there and it comes down to personal preference”.

So true too. CPU can’t be rated only by synthetic benchmarks, especially when there is no market consensus of what that benchmark is - many use very different benchmarks that don’t really reflect real world performance.

You choose to render a 4K video (I’m taking numbers out of my hat). Say It takes 1.5 hours with U processor and 2 hours with Y processor. Yeah its 30minutes and it may sound big, but cmon, a desktop would do that in fraction of the time, so could you call either of them suitable for the task? IMO no.


That’s exactly what I meant. This should be the first guiding rule for anybody writing stuff for an audience. Reviewers should always try to take other points of view that could also be valid.

The community should accept some responsibility if we don’t like the reviewers. The Eve team asked us to whom they should send review units. Having said the reviewers have had limited exposure to the Eve V and most of the community members who have been around for longer could probably write a more accurate review without having held the device.

I am concerned when I read reviews where the specs are incorrect e.g. The Inquirer review says the resolution is 2880x1440 instead of 2880x1920. They should at least be able to read the specifications correctly. Several reviewers mentioned the Y Series being set to 4.5W TPD, however the Eve V is set to 7W by default.

Hopefully the Eve team will work with reviewers to correct any mistakes.

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I think this is the way to go for reviews, really. If they were all 100% facts and specs, then they would all be the same. We watch Dave, or Linus, or Austin (or insert-your-favorite-reviewer-here) because we want to see what they have to say on the subject. I want their opinion. But it should obviously be grounded in facts, and they should make it clear (like in your example above) when they step aside from objective review to give their opinion…