Review in Guardian Newspaper

Guardian newspaper’s review on the V today
Guardian Review

Generally a very positive review:
Pros: great screen, good kickstand, fingerprint scanner, microSD card reader, silent, attractive, great keyboard, USB-C, Thunderbolt 3 and USB-A ports

Cons: questions over screen durability, still a work in progress, relatively difficult to actually buy, unknown brand, Y-series Intel processors with weaker graphics


I’m surprised they had problems with the Mail app, but not with Netflix. This is the first case of Mail app issues I’ve heard of, whereas the Netflix app having launch problems has been widely discussed.
As for the pen magnets, similar issue to what I’ve had.

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I can’t imagine how it happens, at least not from the V level. Windows, who knows.

I didn’t think about this.

It might be because he reinstalled Windows on the device. It’s probably his Windows install that’s the issue - not the V directly.