Resolution changing on input switch

So I use two computers with my monitor. I never see the issue when switching to my computer plugged in via USB-C from the one connected via HDMI. But almost always when switching to the HDMI input from the USB-C input.
Basically, the monitor seems to be changing the resolution of my desktop to something around 800x600. Sometimes when I switch the input to HDMI from USB-C the resolution is correct but all my open windows are tiny and crammed into the upper-left corner. Sometimes the Resolution is actually set to 800x600, and sometimes (though rarely) it doesn’t change the resolution at all.

My other issue is that the presets do not save the cross-hair. Always reverting it to the white dot. It isn’t debilitating but it is highly annoying to have to re-set it every time I use a preset option.

Is anyone else noticing any of these issues or am I the only one? I searched for a relevant topic but didn’t find one.


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Hey @Derrick_McFall

What computers are you using? Specifically what GPU and OS? Also, are you running the latest firmware version on the ES07D03?

I have the tuf gaming 3080ti, running on windows 10, and I have the latest firmware for the spectrum.

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Thank you, I am going to provide this information back to the team and will get back to you shortly with more information regarding your issue!

Also, @Derrick_McFall are both PC’s using the 3080ti and windows 10?

they both are using windows 10 but the second pc, the laptop doesn’t have a GPU, its just integrated graphics

Hey there,

Got it. Is it Intel integrated graphics?

yeah it is intel integrated graphics

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Hey there!

Sorry one more thing. Which Intel graphics do you have exactly?

In case you aren’t sure on how, can find out here.

Thank you so much in advance!

I have also brought this up in the firmware meeting.

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