Request: USB Data Passthough At All Times

Just got the 4K Glossy monitor the other day and I’m loving it. One request I have is that the USB hub passes through data all the time, even when the monitor is in standby mode.

Backstory is I connect my work laptop to the monitor via USB-C. I have Ethernet connected to one of the monitor’s USB ports, and then the connection passes through the USB hub to my laptop. Work requires VPN, and I noticed that whenever my work laptop is locked (and the display turns off), I have to reconnect to VPN when I unlock the laptop again. When my computer is locked, it is not going to sleep; it is only turning off the display.

Can the USB hub firmware be updated so that it is always passing the USB data to the host device, no matter what the monitor’s status is?

Did you buy on Amazon or did you pre-order?

You are probably going to have problems no matter what. The USB hub resets every time the monitor comes out of standby, which means it’ll reset your network adapter and probably also the VPN connection.

This reset is due to how the hardware is designed and Dough have said that it can’t be fixed with a firmware update.

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